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       My testimony for you is not simply that of my own, but from the breath of reason itself. You see God is almighty in all counsels and no counsel stands apart from him, so we should not say OT or NT but the testimony of the Trinity you see. Many more events must happen as this happens for the mystery is not complete until the seventh trumpet who is the Spirit of Eternal Blessing. I shall teach you what I learned of him and describe what wisdom I have found from yes show ya Yeshua as my answer to everything. Surprise everybody! I am a prodigal and that the ultimate prodigal by being the least of the brethren, because even though I found the true 666 am I still saved. I am a sheep in wolves clothing saying I am a lion of praise who hunts wolves. Anyone who looks to say I am just another numerologist, well I would say that would be as rubbish as Paul once stated, and I say card count not who is the antichrist for this is a game of altar poker. What is man that God is mindful? I will state this one to you, that in numbers we see our answer yes-show-ya was numbered us the transgressors and used me by being on the day Feb 22,2022 having full possession of the 666 number which is the number of the matrices of dna so that satan was caused to accuse himself to give me the keys by calling me a man of sin of which keys I gave back to Christ who knew no sin by becoming now the sin unto us. Seeing here I watched my Savior ascend away from hell and steal the keys and then realize the storyteller went back in time to tell us the story of three days to resurrection.

       Only Christ broke the matrix of sin and death by becoming numbered with us whereby it is written that let the mind that has wisdom count for it is the number of man. So we see that this is all about being numbered with his likeness in all good reason by accepting his way overcoming death and a bodily resurrection. He created man in his own image using base 6 counting system in 3 codon pairs complementing themselves according to a God who has three pairs of hands stomping the dust clapping over his creation in Seven Spirits with the final Spirit yielding blessing and thus he breathed life into mankind. However man did eat the tree of unprovability because as the form of God's Image he decided to eat the tree of the unprovable I shall be as God Elohim and echo my own answer for myself. Yet in spite of this, God justified mankind because he allowed the events to take place because he is the true one to tell us that the other uncreated was the Enlightened Darkness of evil counsels whereby we start to realize the tree was placed not created. Furthermore if the original sin is the unprovable good and evil proof, then by Christ's answer can a man stop being God's of their own chaos for the entity we fight is the world of fantasy itself that desires to consume reality in the form of summed story arc tangents, aka satan who entered a shining one, to a serpent to an eve under the rooftop of heaven unto a man. In other words, God allowed the whole situation and he did not even blame man but man blamed man, because only Yeshua can carve existence out of unexistence by defeating death by death's own game by claiming being wrong for being right and establishing This Israel is Reality.

       In other words the sinai matrix was sin ai of a formal axiomatic system, thus proving that any time disaster would strike and God cleverly carved out a storyline by letting his own son become cornerstone to reality by letting his hands be the joysticks to stop chaos and thus holding together reality. Hear we see the Seven Spirits who is the full Armor of God so beautiful by giving us YHWH as the plea, Yeshua the Answer, and upon reflection H Why or the breath behind giving us reason to live. The fear of the reason why we live who is God who makes a Graph Of Deriving unto back to the Father Son and Holy Spirit. Because I returned back the scepter of a chrystal clear world stolen by satan back to the holy spirit, thus the thief moment occurred and the return of pillar of fire over the whitehouse by a white horse, fulfilling Isaiah 4:5 for 45. You see let us be sheep in wolves clothing since God tricked satan in worshiping himself by taking a cheating card counter out, by a logical game of poker. You see, Jesus became the man of the sin of no sin, thus absolving all paradoxes. I found the hailstone 3x+1 theory that fulfills the verse Job 38:22. Since I answered the number of a man of righteousness vs a man recoining himself a different man by genetics as a beast, we see there was never anything to be afraid of. God brings blessed day not doomsday and the days of Joel during the days of Tribulation. For the little book is the Third Testimony of Holy Spirit open because God through Jesus obtained a chrystal clear world back to us to give us a proper answer to why we exist as one answer as Yes-Show-Ya the Anointing of the Spirit who alone gives reason. For all of us were our own Gods of Chaos and defeated by a new answer for existence derived from the Son of God for all love of any wisdom preceding from the breath who gives reason. The Seven Pillars of Wisdom in the proverbs and the Seven Armaments of the Spirit and the Seven Candlesticks are sealed as Sword of Power, Boots of Peace, Helmet of Wisdom of Salvation, Breastplate of Righteousness, Belt of All Encompassing Truth of the Lamb who was slain, Shield of the Faith in Christ, and lastly the Seventh Wings of Blessed Resting in the Eternal Destiny of Resurrected Lamb of God. All these seven confess that Jesus born of a virgin came in the body, worked miracles in the body, died in the body on the cross and rose in the body 3 days later and walked the earth 40 days after being the perfect sacrifice ascending unto the Father.

       See now I declare the rapture is the rapture of souls from hell and the quickening of the Spirit to be of a sound sober mind. The Mark of the Beast already exists for anyone who cloned themselves by biomarkers thus exalting one self comes pride so destruction, but whosever humbles themselves to accept the mind of God will be honored beyond measure. See now that all is curable and replicate with me a powerful prayer whereby we put the full armor of God on and answer for foolish men to trust in God. In Seven Thundering spirits clasp the hands back unto a man who be wounded with the mark and like the original creation to stomp down darkness and dustiness of our minds. Pray with one hand up over man say Power of The Sword of the Spirit, then with the left hand under the chin say Boots of Peace and upon both laid say Father. Next let go again say Helmet of Wisdom of Salvation on forehead and then on the back Say Righteousness of Grace of Jesus who gives life and say Son of God. Let go and clapse hands yet again, and say on the right hand Encompassing Truth of the Spirit of Yeshua and on the Left Hand say Shield of Faith in God on the left of the head. Finally Let go the last time and put a staff and say "In the Name of the Seventh Spirit of Yes Show ya this answer, come out of him satan and darkness come out, and let this man have the Wings of Resting in The Spirit who alone gives Eternal Blessing. Take all fear out of this man in the name of the Seven Spirits of God and make this mind sober again and return him the lifeblood matrix of the blood poured out from the altar. Receive life and be not afraid of any number, science or theory but teach this man to fear the breath that gave him life. Return him a mind without thoughts of him being a monster and make this man clean. Enter Holy Spirit and return unto him a sound soul body and mind and rapture this soul from hell. In the Name of Yeshua this Answer from the Cross and believe that Christ born of a virgin came in the flesh, walked the earth in the body, and died in the body on a cross and rose in the body three days later at his own command and walked the earth 40 days later ascending to heaven at the right hand of the father being the acceptable sacrifice of the lamb of God. Hearken to the breath that gave you reason to live!"

       So now we see two walking and one is no longer of this chaotic world. So now you see clearly that the first seal of the absolute power of God unto men who listen to Yeshua the branch of this answer from the altar is coming to be seen as now open. So I give you the testimony that I have from God that God is opening another book of Testimony to give a proverb unto this people who reason that they are evolved from the penmen ship of satanatic dinosaurs or the penmen ship to those they were drawn up by God's own counsels. Thus it is clear, the Storyteller will give reason to those who ask in the name of Yes Show Ya this Answer, God will give you what is on his mind by prayer unto walking in Grace in the honorable Spirit of Jesus with a name beyond other names. So open your minds to honor God and humble yourselves to listen unto God's own Breath of Reason. So see hear, we clearly see that the body is meant to be a temple for the holy spirit and therefore should listen to wise reasons, by a mind fixated unto God. I prayed for the golden calf to be slain so also the ba ba black sheep baal occult yield back what was stolen from man. My testimony is this, God overcomes all things and who has counseled the Spirit of the Lord over all Artifices and Cutting Technology and makes his sword cut apart chaos away from this world, for what is a man Image of God that we he gives us this world by inheriting his power by blood of the cross. Therefore let us honor God once more as he will open unto us the Holies of Holies and see with two hands with holes he holds the fabric of Israel and reality together by being a warship for worship of the one who broke the sin ai matrix of sin and death by a lion to be praised by being a lamb of God. Thus we see the beginning of Wisdom is the fear of the Lord YHWH the God of our fathers. I pray you that you also test the Spirits and see how true all this is. Likewise pray with me that the Spirit who has all perfect wisdom of the Lamb of God opens these seals unto the whole world. In the name of Jesus, give this man who reads this wisdom to understand who gives them the Breath of Reason is Messiah. 

Amos 3:7
Surely the Lord God will do nothing, but he revealeth
his secret unto his servants the prophets.

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