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 Prophecy:   Great Exposures Shall Abound

 Name:   Julie Green

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 Type:   Prophecy  

 Status:    Pending  

Summary or Prophecy Text
My children, you will hear a specific name, who worked with him, and all his plans concerning you, whether past, present, or future. Saul Alinsky is his name. Many in your government followed his instructions. Two well-known individuals are Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. While this is true, many more of his followers are even more distinguished. You will be in shock and awe to find out who is involved in the plans to destroy this nation, the methods to tear it down from the inside out. They plan to eliminate the middle class, destroy the economy, shut down churches, and shut down all normalcy, including locking people down.

They enjoy locking people down, but they desire to go even farther than that. This group wants to do what Germany did in World War II but to a greater degree. First, they plan to destroy America and its citizens' love for their nation. They plan to cause division between races, rich and poor, and religions. The list goes on. They know once you turn on each other, you will not see what they are doing because you are too distracted by the division and chaos they created. You will be fighting the wrong enemy. They are planning your destruction while you look in another direction.

They are in your schools and have changed your history. They changed what really has happened since the foundation of this nation. Some became our founding fathers. Their process was slow and tedious, but they were patient until now. They are now using everything they can. All who are involved with this plan will become known.

Anyone connected or affiliated with Saul Alinsky will be exposed. He privately passed his teachings to your government officials through the yes crowd. They knew who would sell their souls for money and power. Each was tested. If someone passed, they became a member of the deep swamp in your capital. They staged wars/conflicts, manipulated markets and medications, and even infiltrated churches to deceive the masses. Their goal was to affect every walk of life possible. Their playbook of instructions will be exposed.

They thought they could trust one specific person, but this person is on My side. He is working solely to catch them trying to destroy this nation. It is now time to expose everyone in your government and any person in power in your States, courts, schools, businesses, or churches that betrayed this nation away for money and power or influence.
There are no proofs to display at this time.

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Amos 3:7
Surely the Lord God will do nothing, but he revealeth
his secret unto his servants the prophets.

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