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 Prophecy:   The Humbling and Revival of China

 Name:   Julie Green

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 Type:   Prophecy  

 Status:    In Progress  

Summary or Prophecy Text
China, this is for you to know I AM is in control, not you. You will not get what you want! I am destroying your plans against My nation, the United States, yes, destroying everything you have touched and everything you have infiltrated. For all the damage you have done in My Nation and everything you had control over in that government, My hand is moving and will destroy it all. I will remove everyone from your nation on your payroll and those in this fraudulent government who sold themselves to you for security, money, and power.

China, the web you wove in this nation and every other nation across this Earth, I am destroying now. I told you before, China, I am bringing you to your knees; all those in control of your country. You will hear of a great death in China's government: the president and to all who are with him. This is the hour of your harvest for what you have sown. To you and anyone that helped you, no matter which nation they are from, including the United States, the Angel of Death is here, and there is no escaping it. Your fate has been sealed. You had no remorse. No, you wanted another sickness to strike this Earth in a greater way. However, this sickness will come on you and not anyone you are making it for.
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