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 Prophecy:   The Restoration and Protection of the USA

 Name:   Hank Kunneman

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 Type:   Prophecy  

 Status:    In Progress  

Summary or Prophecy Text
Summary: Starting at 33:40m. It shall be like in the days of Noah that another flood shall come upon the Earth. (A spiritual one) America, you will follow Canada in seeing freedom from tyranny. It shall come from a convoy (like the Canadian one) of your own. It shall bring unity, and break the division the enemy tried to foist upon you. Keep your eyes on the states, especially Wisconsin. Things will come from there that nobody expected. (FULFILLED)

This shall also happen in Texas, and God will use that state as an example of how all states should be led and governed. (FULFILLED)

God will even transform Florida into an even more conservative state, and shall raise it up to be a bastion of freedom. (FULFILLED)

Several people will arise out of this state (Florida) to restore the freedoms of this nation. (IN PROGRESS)

Colorado is a stench in the eyes of the Lord. What has been done in secret, God will show them to the world, expose them, and turn the state from liberalism to conservatism and freedom. God will make it a bastion of righteousness in the nation. (IN PROGRESS)


I see a vision of children dancing, and they're lifting their arms and dancing in the streets of our nation. And my question to God is, "Why are the children dancing?" And He says, "This is the future that belongs to the children! I'm going to lift off the oppression that has been upon this land," says the Living God.
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