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 Prophecy:   Mega Banks Collapse

 Name:   Liberty Turnipseed

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Summary or Prophecy Text
Summary: (the beginning starts with announcements, but listen to it all.) The gist here is that Wells Fargo, and a bunch of other national, and global mega banks too, are going to collapse, and those with money in them will lose it all.
USVI Versus JPMorgan Chase: America's Largest Bank Reported $1 BILLION in Suspic... - Report Link
Bank of England bond losses to cost government £20B more than expected - Report Link
Bank of America de-banks conservative Christian charity that serves impoverished... - Report Link
Wells Fargo customers left unable to use their bank cards or transfer cash amid ... - Report Link
Bank of America cancels accounts for Ugandan outreach ministry | U.S. News - Report Link
BMO, Wells Fargo and USAA are latest banks to report layoffs - Report Link
Major bank with over 200 locations set to shut down six branches due to 'digital... - Report Link
Shares of US banks drop after S&P downgrades some ratings | Reuters - Report Link
US Banks Suffer $18,900,000,000 in Losses As JPMorgan Chase and Capital One Take... - Report Link
Farage to Breitbart: On Verge of Banks Running Social Media Checks - Report Link
House Republicans Subpoena Citibank For Allegedly Providing DOJ With Customer In... - Report Link
Fitch warns it may be forced to downgrade dozens of banks - Report Link
Wells Fargo accused of new fake-accounts scam in lawsuit alleging racketeering, ... - Report Link
Major bank abruptly closes all locations leaving customers trying to locate thei... - Report Link
Urgent Warning: Leaked Report Exposes 8 Banks On Verge Of Failure! - Steven Van ... - Report Link
Central Bank Indicator of US Economy Collapse -by Lynette Zang - YouTube - Report Link
NatWest bank issues further de-banking measures with new cash limits, prompting ... - Report Link
Wells Fargo, other Wall Street banks fined $549 million for record keeping failu... - Report Link
Moody's Downgrades Credit Ratings of Regional US Banks, Could Cut Others | The E... - Report Link
Swiss National Bank hit by $15 billion second quarter loss | Reuters - Report Link
Wells Fargo Customers Say Direct Deposits Went Missing From Their Accounts, Trig... - Report Link
Kansas bank closed by regulators, 5th U.S. bank failure this year - BNO News - Report Link
Bank failure: Kansas Heartland Tri-State Bank closed by FDIC | CNN Business - Report Link
UK bank branches closing this month - full list of 80 locations | - Report Link
The Biggest Monetary Shock In 52 Years | ZeroHedge - Report Link
Col. Douglas MacGregor: "I Think The Banks Are Going Down For 2-3 Weeks" - Report Link
American Banks Closed 273 Branch Locations in May Alone – Discern Report - Report Link
New Banking Crisis: Regional Banks Try to Unload Commercial Real Estate Loans - Report Link
$450,000,000,000 To Exit US Banks As Treasury Kicks Off Massive Borrowing Spree:... - Report Link
JPMorgan to Pay $290 Million to Settle Jeffrey Epstein Victims’ Suit - WSJ - Report Link
Americans Pull $472,000,000,000 Out of US Banks in Three Months As Depositors Ex... - Report Link
$30,000,000,000 Exits US Banking System in One Week As Deposit Flight Grows - Th... - Report Link
Dallas Fed President: Bank Crisis Entering “Third Phase" - Report Link
Banking System Stress Persists as Deposits, Loans Decline Again – America Firs... - Report Link
Battered By Inflation, 90 Million Americans Struggle Paying Bills As Credit Card... - Report Link
More Than 700 US Banks Facing 'Significant Safety and Soundness Risk' Due to Mas... - Report Link
Close to 190 US banks could collapse: USA Today - World - - Report Link
Big Banks to Pay Billions More in FDIC Fees After Bank Failures - Report Link
Judge warns JPMorgan Chase in Jeffrey Epstein evidence issue - Report Link
Regulators Will Need to Intervene in Banking Crisis, JPMorgan CEO Says - Report Link
PROPHECY HEADLINES.COM: U.S. May Freeze Bank Withdrawals As Currency Fear Rises,... - Report Link
Portfolio Manager Will Confront JPMorgan Chase Shareholders On Moves To De-Bank ... - Report Link
PacWest Shares Crash After Reporting Deposit-Flight Accelerated Last Week | Zero... - Report Link
Fed Report Reveals 722 Banks are Insolvent - YouTube - Report Link
Consumer Credit Shocker: Credit Card Debt Explodes At 2nd Fastest Pace On Record... - Report Link
THE TRAP IS SPRUNG: The banks are being brought down BY DESIGN - Report Link
Massive Retail Money Market Inflows Suggest Bank Deposit Run Accelerating | Zero... - Report Link
Goldman Sachs Under Investigation After Advising Silicon Valley Bank Before Coll... - Report Link
TD pulls $13.4 billion First Horizon purchase, leaves US bank in limbo | Reuters - Report Link
PacWest Report Sends Regional Bank Stocks WAL, CMA, Zion, VLY Down - Bloomberg - Report Link
The Banking Collapse Of 2023 Is Now Officially Bigger Than The Banking Collapse ... - Report Link
US Regional Bank Stocks Crash - PacWest Down 30%, Western Alliance Down 25%, Met... - Report Link
First Republic Bank fails, taken over by JPMorgan - Report Link
The three banks that have failed this year are bigger than the 25 that crumbled ... - Report Link
JP Morgan CEO Screams Bank Runs & Economic HURRICANE - YouTube - Report Link
Large & Small US Banks See Deposit Outflows Continue, Small Bank Lending Growth ... - Report Link
BREAKING: Another Bank COLLAPSES Under Biden's Watch, Third In Two Months - DC E... - Report Link
One Of The Largest Banks In The United States Is On The Verge Of Going Under - Report Link
First Republic Bank rout; Stock trading halted several times - CBS San Francisco - Report Link
Hal Turner Radio Show - First Republic Bank Goes "Zombie" - Loses 40% of Deposit... - Report Link
First Republic stock craters 49% after the bank reveals customers pulled out $10... - Report Link on Twitter: "JUST IN - First Republic Bank share price plunges over ... - Report Link
Moody’s downgrades 11 regional banks, including Zions, U.S. Bank, Western Alli... - Report Link
Mortgage lenders are losing money on loans for the first time in years | The Hil... - Report Link
These Are The US Banks With The Most Uninsured Deposits | ZeroHedge - Report Link
U.S. bank deposits shift sharply: Moody's | Advisor's Edge - Report Link
JPMorgan's ties to Epstein more sinister, lawsuit claims — RT Business News - Report Link
The Banking Crisis Gets Worse! $1.7 Trillion In Unrealized Losses Loom As U.S. B... - Report Link
Why Fractional Reserve Banking Is behind Bank Failures – Jonathan Newman – K... - Report Link
Credit Suisse chiefs say sorry to shocked shareholders - Insider Paper - Report Link
Australian ‘Big Four’ bank ANZ halts cash withdrawals from many branches - Report Link
Australia’s top bank ANZ shocks customers with withdrawal freeze - Report Link
Opinion: 'Most U.S. banks are technically near insolvency, and hundreds are alre... - Report Link
21 states threaten banks with legal action over woke policies: 'Stay in your lan... - Report Link
Financial world legend sounds alarm over 'biggest bank that's going down' | Fox ... - Report Link
SVB customers tried to pull nearly all deposits in two days, Barr says - Report Link
Inflows to Money Market Funds Top $280 Billion as Investors Pull Bank Deposits - Report Link
Financial Researchers Worry Nearly 200 Banks At Risk Amid 'Catch-22' - Report Link
Credit Suisse whistleblowers accuse bank of helping ultra-rich Americans evade t... - Report Link
Why Fractional Reserve Banking Is behind Bank Failures | Mises Wire - Report Link
U.S. Banks Are Sitting On $1.7 Trillion In Unrealized Losses, Research Says - Report Link
You Will Be Shocked By How Much Money Is Being Pulled Out Of U.S. Banks, And Now... - Report Link
Scholz: 'No Reason To Worry' As Deutsche Bank Bloodbath Reignites Global Bank Cr... - Report Link
Financial Stability Oversight Council Releases 'Nothingburger' Statement | ZeroH... - Report Link
Deutsche Bank shares plummet, fuelling crisis fears - Insider Paper - Report Link
Deutsche Bank shares slide 11% after sudden spike in the cost of insuring agains... - Report Link
186 More Banks "Are At Risk Of Failure", And That Could Push Us Into The Next Gr... - Report Link
Credit Suisse lost $5.5 billion on criminal-run hedge fund, also pleaded guilty ... - Report Link
Nearly 200 banks could fail the same way SVB did: study - Report Link
Silicon Valley Bank collapse will 'definitely' impact real estate, developer war... - Report Link
FDIC Prepares To Break Up Silicon Valley Bank, Report Says | ZeroHedge - Report Link
Study Finds 186 Banks Vulnerable to SVB-Like Collapse - Report Link
Is Credit Suisse About to Collapse? Bank Admits “Material Weakness” as Share... - Report Link
Janet Yellen Just Poured Lighter Fluid on Every Small Bank in America – Discer... - Report Link
Unsound Banking: Why Most of the World’s Banks Are Headed for Collapse - LewRo... - Report Link
STUNNING: Janet Yellen Admits Smaller Regional Midwest Banks Will Not Be Bailed ... - Report Link
Hal Turner Radio Show - Banks: Getting Very Much Worse; Very Much Faster - Report Link
BANK RUNS - 4th USA Bank Faces Collapse - $229 Billion Bailout for First Republi... - Report Link
First Republic shares continue to slide despite $30B cash infusion | Fox Busines... - Report Link
SVB, Signature: Yellen says not all deposits safe in future bank failures - Report Link
Credit Suisse to borrow up to $54bn from Swiss central bank - BBC News - Report Link
Credit Suisse shares slide after Saudi backer rules out further assistance - Report Link
Swiss National Bank says it will provide Credit Suisse with liquidity if necessa... - Report Link
First Republic Bank downgraded to ‘junk’ by S&P and Fitch on fears further d... - Report Link
The German Branch Of Silicon Valley Bank Has Been Ordered Closed By Germany’s ... - Report Link
If SVB is insolvent, so is everyone else | Sovereign Research - Report Link
Regulators Shut Down Another Bank In Race to Contain Fallout From Silicon Valley... - Report Link
Regulators close crypto-focused Signature Bank, citing systemic risk - Report Link
Billionaire investor Bill Ackman warns more banks will collapse tens of thousand... - Report Link
Customers line up outside First Republic Bank to take their money out - after SV... - Report Link
Robert Kiyosaki warns 3rd U.S. bank to crash, Peter Schiff says 'bigger collapse... - Report Link
OH NO - More Silicon Valley Bank Fallout - Goldman Sachs Backed CIRCLE's Stable ... - Report Link
Silicon Valley Bank Ties to California First Partner Jennifer Newsom | Californi... - Report Link
Greg Reese: The Banking Collapse Has Begun - Report Link
Yellen: No federal bailout for collapsed Silicon Valley Bank | AP News - Report Link
Silicon Valley Bank had NO head of 'risk assessment' for nine months before it c... - Report Link
Silicon Valley Bank: Climate tech's go-to banker collapses - Heatmap News - Report Link
Silicon Valley Bank imploded in a single day. It could just be the tip of the ic... - Report Link
Record Bank Run Drained A Quarter, Or $42BN, Of SVB's Deposits In Hours, Leaving... - Report Link
CEO of Silicon Valley Bank sold $3.57 million of stock before its dramatic colla... - Report Link
Wells Fargo missing deposit glitch alarms customers. Bank says it was a 'technic... - Report Link
Wells Fargo Just Made Another Huge Mistake - Report Link
Wells Fargo says 'technical issue' causing customers to report missing deposits - Report Link
SVB Stock Halted Amid Collapse, Shaking US Financial Sector - TheStreet - Report Link
Stocks waver as Silicon Valley Bank shutdown rattles Wall Street: Live updates - Report Link
Banks admit the COLLAPSE is coming and they don't want YOU to know about it | Re... - Report Link
Wells Fargo Ordered To Pay $3.7 Billion Over Widespread Illegal Activity | ZeroH... - Report Link
FTX collapse is ‘wreaking havoc’ on this industry: Bitcoin Foundation Chairm... - Report Link
BREAKING: Now-collapsed FTX crypto slush fund laundered Ukraine donation money t... - Report Link
Bank of England calls for 'urgent' global action after near-collapse of UK pensi... - Report Link
Banking Rhetoric During A Financial Collapse-The Song Remains The Same - Report Link
The International Monetary System Is on the Verge of Collapse… Here’s What C... - Report Link
Australian bank Volt collapses urging 6000 customers to withdraw funds; 140 jobs... - Report Link
G. Edward Griffin - Bankers Waiting for the Big Collapse - YouTube - Report Link
Chinese Bank On Verge Of Collapse After Sudden Bank Run | Zero Hedge - Report Link

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