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 Prophecy:   The War of Russia and Ukraine

 Name:   Julie Green

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 Type:   Prophecy  

 Status:    Fulfilled  

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Summary or Prophecy Text
Great exposure is coming out regarding Ukraine. This will destroy every lie and every plan, and it will expose more than just this fraudulent government of the United States. China is involved, and so are Iran and Iraq.
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Pope: Ukraine Should Have Courage of 'White Flag,' Negotiate | - Report Link
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Slovak PM says EU, NATO members weighing sending troops to Ukraine – POLITICO - Report Link
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Ukraine Urges Citizens to Build Drones at Home, Commander Says Army Is “Mostly... - Report Link
UAE President Tells Netanyahu: "Ask Zelensky For Money" | ZeroHedge - Report Link
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Russian Forces Take Heavily Fortified Town of Maryinka in Biggest Triumph Since ... - Report Link
President Alexander Lukashenko States Russian Tactical Nuclear Weapons Now Stage... - Report Link
Zelensky Insider Blows Whistle on Massive Elite Pedophile Ring in Ukraine - Report Link
Zelenskyy is now in the 'Berlin bunker' Stage of His Failed War. - Report Link
7-year-old Video Suggests Russia-Ukraine War May Have Been Pre-Planned – Spree... - Report Link
Is this the end for Zelenskyy? - UnHerd - Report Link
Russia’s Black Sea fleet forced back by ‘storm of the century’ - Report Link
Ukrainian President Zelensky uses proxies to hide ownership of two yachts worth ... - Report Link
The Russia-Ukraine War Is Just About Over | ZeroHedge - Report Link
Biden Signs Funding Bill Omitting Ukraine - LewRockwell - Report Link
Putin says he is ready to end war as fighting with Ukraine is 'tragedy' | World ... - Report Link
Mainstream Media Forced To Admit That Putin Won - Report Link
White House warns funding for Ukraine aid is 'drying up' without supplemental re... - Report Link
BREAKING: Russia Wins War in Ukraine, NATO Cuts Weapons Shipments as Poland Accu... - Report Link
U.S., European officials broach topic of peace negotiations with Ukraine, source... - Report Link
Plurality Of Americans Say US Is Doing 'Too Much' For Ukraine - Report Link
Top Zelenskyy Adviser Admits the Truth About Corruption in Ukraine: 'People Are ... - Report Link
Ukraine’s Sudden High Air Losses Likely Caused By New Russian Missiles – The... - Report Link
Russia Mulls Deploying Small, Heavily-Armed Boats To Lake Ladoga To 'Strike' Fin... - Report Link
Robert Fico Formally Appointed as Prime Minister of Slovakia - Immediately Ends ... - Report Link
Ex-German Chancellor Reveals Stunning Details About Derailed Ukraine Peace Deal,... - Report Link
World Is Tired of Financing Ukraine, Alerts Finance Minister Marchenko - Kiev Wi... - Report Link
Vladimir Putin's new nuclear move leaves US 'disturbed' as Ukraine war escalates... - Report Link
Rand Paul Says the ‘Movement’ to Cut Ukraine Funding Cannot Be Stopped - Report Link
NATO reaches last remaining weapons stockpiles as America's cities are OVERRUN b... - Report Link
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Final Draft on US Biological Activity in Ukraine Presented to UNSC - Report Link
MSM Reports on Looming UN Investigation of US Biolabs in Ukraine - Report Link
Zelensky Posts a Selfie with a Solider Wearing Pro-Hitler Patch – Then Deletes... - Report Link
Ukraine Identifies 600 Sites Quietly Compromised by China Just Days Before the I... - Report Link

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