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 Prophecy:   Election Integrity Will Be Restored

 Name:   Julie Green

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 Type:   Prophecy  

 Status:    Partial Fulfillment  

Summary or Prophecy Text
Hammer and scorecard, I say again, will be fully exposed, and its power and the destruction it caused will be overturned and destroyed. My children, all who were involved will shock you. So be prepared when this is revealed, how deep it really was. This Nation will not be held back or destroyed with these weapons anymore. Their narrative and their lie will no longer be upheld. It is being annihilated by My hand, saith the Lord of Hosts. 

Dominion, I say this company's name again. It has no dominion or authority over My Nation. Their hold over you is finished, and every corporation, every nation, and every governmental official connected to this company will be brought down with them. It doesn't matter the power it seemed to have over My Nation and the world; it is finished now, saith the Lord. 

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Amos 3:7
Surely the Lord God will do nothing, but he revealeth
his secret unto his servants the prophets.

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