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 Prophecy:   Election Integrity Will Be Restored

 Name:   Hank Kunneman

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 Type:   Prophecy  

 Status:    In Progress  

Summary or Prophecy Text
God says, "Look at My hand. I bring California before the nation. Watch what I will do in California as I will raise up a group of reformers who will say, 'We too want to show the proof.' Keep your eye upon Arizona, because," God says, "see My finger? The domino falls.

"Keep your eye upon Wisconsin and Michigan; I will crack them and smack them together, and I will cause the Liberty Bell to ring loud in Pennsylvania. I will teach a lesson to the devil who thought he could go down to Georgia, and I'm going to show an interesting clue in New Hampshire... I'm going to also unveil from the high place of Colorado; I'm going to bring it down and let you see something.
RNC and Arizona GOP Challenge Court Decision Allowing Non-Citizens to Vote in Ar... - Report Link
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Wisconsin Court Strikes Down Unlawful Absentee Ballot Guidance - Report Link
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Pennsylvania Voters Reach 'Peak of Mistrust' After Voting Machines Glitch Again - Report Link
Voting Machines Glitch in Pennsylvania Triggers Backlash From Voters Ahead of 20... - Report Link
Muskegon Voter Fraud: Video Interrogation of GBI Strategies Official Released, V... - Report Link
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350,000 Votes for the Republican in Pennsylvania's 2023 Supreme Court Election W... - Report Link
17,327: That’s the Number of Dead People Who Voted in Michigan’s 2020 Presid... - Report Link
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Election fraud cases break out in 3 Democrat states, new voting ordered in one |... - Report Link
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Kari Lake Takes Maricopa County to Court After Gov't Buries Evidence in Election... - Report Link
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Kari Lake Files 74-Page Lawsuit Against Katie Hobbs, Election Officials - Report Link
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Newly Discovered Michigan Election Corruption Parallels Georgia! | The Gateway P... - Report Link
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Conservative Group Files Lawsuit to Secure Military Votes in Pennsylvania and Pr... - Report Link
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NOW WE HAVE PROOF! TGP EXCLUSIVE: Massive 2020 Voter Fraud Uncovered in Michigan... - Report Link
BREAKING: Forensic Study Into 2020 Detroit, Michigan Election Finds Up to 34,000... - Report Link
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Kari Lake Attorney: Maricopa County's Chain of Custody Docs Show 18,000 Illegal ... - Report Link
Wisconsin Elections Commission ordered to rehear 2020 election complaint | Just ... - Report Link
Washington Post Admits Mark Zuckerberg's 'Zuckerbucks' Boosted Democrat Votes in... - Report Link
ERIC Voter Registration Non-Profit Loses 25% of Members. Virginia Now Out! - Gut... - Report Link
Pennsylvania Settles Election Integrity Lawsuit, Deletes 178,000 Names From Vote... - Report Link
Kari Lake Uncovers Bombshell New Evidence to Support Cybersecurity Expert’s Fi... - Report Link
Ballot bounties? Wisconsin lawmaker flags payments used to mobilize voters for l... - Report Link
Georgia Passes Bill Banning 'Zuckbucks 2.0' In Elections - Report Link
Bill Prohibiting Ranked Choice Voting Narrowly Passes In Arizona Senate - Report Link
JUST IN: Arizona Supreme Court Agrees To Expedite Kari Lake's Election Fraud Law... - Report Link
Leftist Group Caught Running Massive Election Bribery Scheme in Wisconsin Suprem... - Report Link
L.A. County Removes 1.2 Million Ineligible Voters From Rolls - Report Link
Fraud in the Arizona Election: There's No Evidence!! (actually there is lots of ... - Report Link
UPDATED: Walkthrough In Sacramento After 2020 Election Showed Dominion Boxes Lab... - Report Link
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JUST IN: Arizona Senate Elections Committee Passes Resolution To Ban Foreign Vot... - Report Link
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Review of 2020 election continues as Texas, Pennsylvania counties find ballot to... - Report Link
Pennsylvania Court Won’t Force Release of Voter Info for GOP-Led 2020 Election... - Report Link
Michigan Ballot Recount Shows Massive Irregularities, Systemic Election Law Viol... - Report Link
California County Cancels Contract with Dominion Voting Systems Due to Major Con... - Report Link
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BREAKING: Arizona Finds Massive Issues With 2022 Election Tabulators, Misread Ne... - Report Link
California Lost 10 Million Mail-In Ballots In November Midterms - Report Link
Report: New evidence of election fraud POURS out of Wisconsin - Report Link
Pinal County pays election director Virginia Ross bonus despite errors - Votebea... - Report Link
150,000 Votes in the 2020 Election Not Tied to a Valid Address in Wisconsin: Ele... - Report Link
HUGE: Wisconsin Township Votes to Process Votes in Polling Place Where Voter Res... - Report Link
Arizona County was Stumped by Unregistered Voters, Old Addresses, Discrepant Tal... - Report Link
Mark Finchem's Election Lawsuit Gets Tossed Out With Prejudice by Arizona Judge - Report Link
Kari Lake scores major win as Arizona judge orders trial on election challenge |... - Report Link
Pennsylvania County to Recount 2020 Election Results in 2023 - Report Link
Arizona Senator Files Lawsuit, Seeks to ‘Nullify the Results’ of Maricopa Co... - Report Link
Arizona Mohave County Board of Supervisors to Discuss Litigation Against Maricop... - Report Link
Election lawsuits pile up in Arizona, as counties, candidates challenge 2022 mid... - Report Link
Walker County man convicted of voter fraud, sentenced to 25 years, DA says | WTV... - Report Link
Maricopa County Refuses to Provide Documents to the Head of the GOP in Arizona R... - Report Link
Links Emerge Between Arizona Democrat Katie Hobbs and FTX - Slay News - Report Link
WTH - Arizona State Mine Inspector And State Treasurers Race Saw HUGE Turnout Fo... - Report Link
Pennsylvania Citizens Request Numerous Precinct Election Recounts - Report Link
Arizona Poll Watcher: More Ballots Than Voters - Geller Report - Report Link
U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals With HUGE "Standing" Ruling Ahead of Kari La... - Report Link
BREAKING: Arizona Attorney General's Office Fires Off Letter to Maricopa County ... - Report Link
Cochise County Arizona Delays Certification of Suspect Midterm Ballots Until Nov... - Report Link
Report: Pennsylvania voters sue to delay certification of election results - Report Link
Pennsylvania Gov. Elect Charges Former Political Consultant With ‘Wide Scale... - Report Link
FIX IS IN: Arizona Ballots Make Stop at Runbeck Printing Company to Scan Ballot ... - Report Link
Arizona votes to give in-state college tuition breaks to non-citizens | Fox News - Report Link
Arizona’s Election Must Be Redone: Here Are At Least Three Provable Constituti... - Report Link
Arizona's numbers don't add up - American Thinker - Report Link
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Voting machine issues spread to Pennsylvania as midterms get underway - Alpha Ne... - Report Link
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Trump's Michigan election fraud claims actually proved true — sort of - Report Link
Fact Check: Trump Asserts Baseless Midterm Election Fraud Claims In Arizona, Mic... - Report Link
Trump: Pennsylvania Supreme Court just ruled that 2020 election was ‘Rigged’ - Report Link
Supreme Court rules in favor of GOP in Pennsylvania mail-ballot case | Washingto... - Report Link
Federal Judge Rules Arizona Activist Group Can Monitor Maricopa County Ballot Dr... - Report Link
BREAKING: Pennsylvania Democrat Officials Mailed Out 240,000 Ballots to Unverifi... - Report Link
Arizona attorney general INDICTS Yuma County ballot harvesters - Report Link
BREAKING: US Supreme Court throws out ruling for counting undated Pennsylvania m... - Report Link
US Supreme Court Overturns Pennsylvania Court - Rules that Ballots with Even Min... - Report Link
Republicans sue Arizona’s largest county alleging unfair advantage for Democra... - Report Link
Lawsuits: Arizona County Packed Polls With Democrat Workers - Report Link
Pennsylvania counties can notify voters of mail-in ballot problems, judge rules ... - Report Link
Pennsylvania County Sues Dominion Voting Systems Over 'Severe Anomalies' In 2020... - Report Link
Pennsylvania County Sues Dominion Voting Systems for 'Unauthorized Python Script... - Report Link
Pennsylvania county sues Dominion Voting Systems over alleged 'severe anomalies'... - Report Link
Forensics Expert from AZ Audit: Allegheny Co, Pennsylvania Had at Least 10,000 A... - Report Link
Clinton-Appointed Federal Judge Bars Arizona Officials From Enforcing New Law To... - Report Link
RNC, Other Groups Sue Pennsylvania For Illegally Altering Ballots - Report Link
Arizona Supreme Court Strikes Down Democrat Dark Money Ballot Initiative To Make... - Report Link
Arizona Supreme Court Election Integrity Wins over Soros Ballot Measure - Report Link
Arizona Supreme Court Kills Democrats' Election Takeover Ploy - Report Link
Arizona Democrats Are Working to Continue the Steal of Future Elections – Unca... - Report Link
Arizona sees record number of GOP votes in primary election after passing electi... - Report Link
Mike Lindell: A U.S. Judge Is Looking Into Evidence Of The Election Fraud In Ari... - Report Link
The Biden DOJ Is Suing Arizona for Trying to Prevent Illegals from Voting - YouT... - Report Link
DOJ sues Arizona election law that requires proof of citizenship for federal vot... - Report Link
Feds sue Arizona over new citizenship proof law for voting - Report Link
U.S. sues Arizona over proof of citizenship voting law - Report Link
Two More AZ State Legislators Receive Subpoenas from Liz Cheney’s Jan 6 Gang A... - Report Link
Predetermined Algorithms Source Of Widespread Election Fraud In Arizona - GreatG... - Report Link
Ginni Thomas Pressured 29 Arizona Republicans to Overturn Election - Rolling Sto... - Report Link
More Details Revealed Of Long-running Yuma County Ballot Harvesting Scheme – A... - Report Link
Yuma Whistleblower from True the Vote's Arizona Senate Hearing - Report Link
Kari Lake files injunction to STOP voting machines in Arizona - Report Link
Arizona will require voters to prove citizenship and residency, angering activis... - Report Link
Maricopa County Supervisors Refuse To Attend Meeting After Arizona State Senate ... - Report Link
Pennsylvania Video Shows Ballot Trafficker Dumping Handfuls of Ballots into Ball... - Report Link
Exclusive: Systemic Voting Issues In Pennsylvania County More Extensive - Report Link
PA's Mail-In Voting Law Ruled Unconstitutional | Across Pennsylvania, PA Patch - Report Link
NEW EVIDENCE TO DECERTIFY WI — Wisconsin Assembly Election Committee Hears NE... - Report Link
Breaking News On Arizona Decertification - Report Link
'Monumental': Arizona Senate to reveal audit of 2020 election - Report Link
HERE IT IS - Full Report from Canvassing Work Completed in Arizona's Maricopa Co... - Report Link
WATCH Dr. Kelli Ward: Arizona Audit Results Will Be Here NEXT WEEK, And DEMS Are... - Report Link
WATCH Epshteyn: Arizona Audit Report To Show "HUGE Swings In Numbers" - Report Link
Breaking Development: Arizona Audit Preliminary Report To Be Delivered NEXT WEEK - Report Link
Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers Launches Petition to Decertify the 2020 Elect... - Report Link
DOJ Warns States Not To Pursue Their Own Arizona-Style Election Audits | Conserv... - Report Link
Pennsylvania Decertifies Fulton County’s Voting System After Post-Election Aud... - Report Link
BREAKING: Election Security Breach in Arizona Being Hidden from Americans - Report Link
Arizona GOP Moves Election-Related Powers From Democrat SOS to Republican AG | N... - Report Link
Arizona Senate Considering Expansion of Maricopa County 2020 Election Audit - Report Link
'Significant Discrepancies' Found in the Number of Ballots Counted During the Ar... - Report Link
BREAKING: Michigan lawsuit claims to have ‘cracked’ Dominion election code | - Report Link
HUGE ARIZONA UPDATE: They Got It All! | Populist Press 2021 © - Report Link
Arizona Poised to Audit 2 Million Ballots From 2020 Election | The Election Wiza... - Report Link
Trump Ballots Switched to Biden: Maricopa County, Arizona GOP Chair Says at Hear... - Report Link
Giuliani presents evidence at election hearing in Arizona - YouTube - Report Link
BREAKING: Michigan County That Experienced "Glitch" In Voting System Flips From ... - Report Link
Exclusive: Pennsylvania Legislature Prepares Federal Lawsuit to Challenge Mail V... - Report Link
Democrat Michigan Secretary of State Misprints Trump Ticket on Ballots for Troop... - Report Link

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