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 Prophecy:   The Fall of the Bidens

 Name:   Julie Green

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 Type:   Prophecy  

 Status:    In Progress  

Summary or Prophecy Text
"The Biden" will struggle more on live TV. Look at what he does next. It will give him more away. He doesn't know where he is or how to handle the situation. He will appear more lost until someone comes and saves him yet again.

Not only will more surface on Hunter Biden, but it will incriminate Joe Biden more and more. They are trying to take them both out at the same time with very strategic attacks on them both because the one who is portraying Joe, betraying him, is losing his mind from what they have made him take. They have to rid themselves of the thorns in their side. Watch to see what they let come out next.

"Impeach," people will scream, and the 25th Amendment will also be brought up, but do not fear about Kamala, My children, or anyone else they will try to put in his place. They are all falling by the moving of My hand, saith the Lord.
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Biden Negotiating Sweetheart Deal for 9-11 Terrorist Masterminds Who Murdered 2,... - Report Link
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FBI expert says evidence now justifies bribery, money laundering probe of Biden ... - Report Link
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State Dept Team Acknowledged Kabul Airport Was Incapable Of Handling Biden Admin... - Report Link
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Comer: House Oversight Expects To Expose '$20-$30 Million' In Biden Bribes - Report Link
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James Comer believes '6 to 7' Biden family members involved in overseas dealings - Report Link
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House Oversight chair says China's donations to Penn Biden Center may have influ... - Report Link
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Former US attorney named special counsel in Biden document probe | CNN Politics - Report Link
JESSE WATTERS: What else does Joe Biden have hidden at the Penn Biden Center? | ... - Report Link
EXCLUSIVE: China Upped Its Donations to the Biden Center 400% with $50M in Donat... - Report Link
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National Archives to Reveal Emails About Biden Family's Business Deals - Report Link
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