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 Prophecy:   The Prophecies of Taiwan

 Name:   Barry Wunsch

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 Type:   Dream  

 Status:    In Progress  

Summary or Prophecy Text
Received via Email:

During a dream early this morning I was shown Taiwan from a satellite view. I saw an island with a red zone around it. I saw a flashing red high alert triangle over Taiwan. I saw a massive wave coming from the southwest. A white cap tidal wave. I saw a nuclear blast flash and go off deep under the ocean bed. This was a deliberate, static blast that caused an earthquake. I watched as hundreds of shipping vessels were hit by this wave. Flipping many. Others losing cans into the waters. I saw streets empty. It was like a ghost town. No movement. (Still in progress, but mostly FULFILLED)

I saw high rises. Apartments and office towers with people locked in. I could hear the people crying out to God for help. Nothing moving in or out. Food was getting scarce. Those that were out on the streets were in white hazmat suits. This hit against Taiwan was going to impact the world. I saw an ancient silver idol statue. It was the biggest on there. And watched as it toppled onto its face. The white suits were like military robots. Like a machine they moved about with zero emotions. I saw the big Asian nation flexing its muscles. I saw a big red spirit starting to snarl and try roar. But it was as nothing to God. (IN PROGRESS)

It was in the form of a cloud. God could blow on it and it would be gone. This was a show unto the world as an example of what they could do. It was to be used to bring fear to the Nations. A table of leaders gathered in a high rise, they had remained hidden away and prepared for this day. They were key for Taiwan. These were brilliant men and women. They held great wealth and power and were surrendered to God and aligned with God's Kingdom. They were working on a strategy with The Father to bring freedom to all there, and deal with the enemy. I saw Jesus enter the room.

Going from person to person hugging them, and as he did they become infused with the love and power of God. As He did this, they were all able to suddenly see in the spirit. Jesus released a plan to them all right there, it looked like a hologram cloud that floated above the table for all to see. It was a 3-d design that was full of every detail. And those at the table were instantly able to interpret it. The hologram of light began to pulse in rhythm of the Fathers heart, changing colors of every spectrum. The hope and Spirit of God began to grow and emanate out of that room.

Until a gold shield like bubble came over Taiwan. "Taiwan is mine says the Lord, it belongs to no other. For it is I who placed it on its foundations. There is no one who can that credit from Me. Taiwan is mine and no one shall take it from me! For the Nations are going to see the crack in the enemy's armor. Taiwan, I hear your prayers and see your travail. I will position you to take your shot. And it will be a clear shot to the heart.

And Taiwan will know my freedom. Taiwan you are not alone. I have not abandoned you. I have not turned my back. I am here and I am with you. I am bringing revival to your land. So, trust in me and stay strong for the Nations are watching you and are with you. Holy is the word of the Lord HOLD THE LINE!
There are no proofs to display at this time.

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Amos 3:7
Surely the Lord God will do nothing, but he revealeth
his secret unto his servants the prophets.

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