Prophecy:   Failure of the Oroville Dam

 Name:   Amanda Grace

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 Type:   Prophecy  

 Status:    Pending  

The other day the Lord said in my spirit, "the dam, the dam, the California dam." Watch that dam because there is something up, keep your eyes on it, keep your eyes on California right now too because I believe we are going to see a lot go down in California. California is a cauldron right now, it's a bubbling cauldron that is going to bubble over because there is too much of a quagmire of filth, ungodliness, perversion, corruption, deception, it's like rolling dynamite together. It's like putting tons of dynamite together and then it just takes one little match to light it. That's what it's like in California right now, so please pray for those Christians in California who are there. Keep your eyes on the dam in California and on California itself because that cauldron is getting ready to bubble over.

Admin Note: The Oroville Dam is not specifically mentioned in this prophecy, but I feel strongly enough that it is pointing to that event that I've placed it here. If I find out later it means a different dam, I'll move this over there. But, for now, it's staying here.
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