Prophecy:   The Fall of the US Congress

 Name:   Amanda Grace

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 Type:   Prophecy  

 Status:    Pending  

"Take courage, O leaders who have been stolen from; take courage, O leaders that have been ostracized. I will contend with those in this hour who contend with you," says the Lord thy God this day.

"And you will see..." says the Lord thy God. "Over the next three months," says the Lord, "you will see an entire overturning of the political system, and various states, and in DC, their fishing expedition will turn on them," says the Lord thy God this day, "because I am a God of justice, and I am raising up judges – judges who once were for them but will now be against them. For I am touching the heart of the judges... I am bearing down the conviction on them. And the millstone shall be hung around their necks, with their charges on them, for what they have done to My people," says the Lord.

"So take courage in this hour. Know, this day, you serve a mighty God. I am ordering the steps right now with the leadership. I am flanking them; I am protecting them; I am going to open their eyes... They are going to see what they never were able to see before.