Prophecy:   The Prophecies of Georgia (usa state)

 Name:   Queenia Princess

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 Type:   Prophecy  

 Status:    Pending  

The Lord says, Georgia (USA). Your state has not been given what the people have chosen. Your state has not been created for this type of corruption to exist within it. I have not created Georgia, set her boundaries in place, and established her to be a cesspool. My heart aches for this state. She has never reached her full potential. I stand before you Georgia, and your Destiny awaits. Georgia, there are those within you that are mine and have prayed for you. Their prayers will not go unanswered.

So, here’s what I will say to you Georgia! Your state has not achieved her destiny, and neither shall it with the cesspool that is within it. It is not neglected by my people but it is abused by its leaders. Therefore, I will remove the leaders from office. You will say, but it appears that nothing has or will be done, why? I say to you, while you slept, they sat and ate away at your state. But now that you are awake, My Hand will move!

Therefore, do I say to you, They have stolen and cheated. Changed the trajectory of a nation overnight. Thus, in one day I shall flip it back and change the trajectory of this nation. I shall flip the whole mess upon its head and you will see them come forward with little to no resources left. Terrified and fidelity will be a rare quality amongst them. They shall look to the left and to the right but all they will see is judgement.

There will be no escaping what they have done. Those who have abused this state. Those that have schemed and cheated her, will be brought to bear the consequences and it shall be a high price. You shall be known as: Georgia the great and gallant, for she shall bring many. This is My Heart says the Lord for the state of Georgia (USA).
There are no proofs to display at this time.