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Posted On March 23rd, 2021

Taken from a description of the prophet, and author of "Last Days Glory: A Vision That Changed One Woman's Thinking About The End Times In America" on Amazon:

We were headed east down a lonely stretch of country road. It was an ink-black night. No light was visible anywhere except the headlights of our little old Volkswagen Beetle. It was a 1970 model. The moon was not shining. Not even a star was visible. We had just been remarking on how dark the night seemed, when suddenly in the distant sky there appeared a golden glow... That is how Deborah’s night vision began on January 7, 1993, more than 24 years ago. It is as vivid to her now as it was then. All these years she has wondered at the meaning of the vision until recently. Suddenly she received a heavenly "download" revealing its meaning to her.

Back in 1993 when she had the night vision, she questioned its validity but the Holy Spirit revealed many scripture proofs to her that such a vision was not only possible, but it was going to appear to believers. All these years she has waited - for what she knew not. After awhile she laid the vision aside in pursuit of other things. She even lost her original copy and it stayed buried for many years until one day she rediscovered it in an old hymnal. It felt like finding a rare treasure. She decided to call her friend Julie and tell her all about it. She had held the vision close to her heart and rarely shared it with anyone. As she began to tell her the story, she decided to go get the hard copy and read it to her friend. When she did, she made a great and shocking discovery. Julie was the woman riding with her in the old Volkswagen.

Deborah and Julie had not met until the autumn of 2013. Obviously, the time was swiftly approaching for the fulfillment of the vision. Deborah states, “I am writing this for you, dear Reader. If these (scriptures) bear witness with your spirit, then run with the visions I tell you because I have no doubt they are from the LORD. He will bring them to pass. At the end they will speak.” Then she makes several declarations to the believers in America based upon the night vision and the scriptures given her. Let them stir your heart as they have hers. If in doubt, take it all to the LORD and ask Him to confirm it to you. Do not let them disturb you, even if they upset some of your end-times belief system. If you yearn for the truth God will show it to you. These are the last days. Miraculous, glorious times are coming. Get ready!

(*Do you have a better description, or did you find an error? Please let me know. Thanks*)
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Amos 3:7
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