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Three Years of Darkness for America Print
Posted On February 2nd, 2022
  AKA:   America's Damascus Road experience
  Status:   In Progress: 1  

The general gist of this prophecy is, starting in February 2022, through an unspecified time in 2025, America will face a period of 3 dark years (ie, famine, plague, mass death, economic collapse, etc) not to judge American and destroy it, but rather to be a sort of "Damascus Road Experience" where, at the end of the 3 years America will see the scales fall off their eyes, they will wake up, become Holy Ghost filled unlike any time before, and become unbelievably on fire for God, after which they will go out and evangelize the entire world for Christ.

But, before that can happen, America has to go through a period of darkness to wake them up (even more than they already are) and turn them 100% back to God.  It's not saying that 100% of America will get saved, but it's supposed to be the vast majority for certain.  And not just a little saved.  It'll be saved on a level never seen before, ever.  Not even in the first century church.  Now, some occasionally refer to this prophecy as the "Three Days of Darkness", but it's not the same thing as the Three Days of Darkness prophecy that was debunked some time back.  Those were three literal days, and followed an ideology found in the Islamic Koran.

This prophecy follows the biblical model with 3 days representing 3 years in this context.  And that fact is fleshed out, so please don't mistake it for the other similarly named prophecy here on the site.

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  Keywords:   Darkness, Days, Years, Judgement, Chastisement, Awakening, Cleansing, Revival
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