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The Transformation of Nashville, Tennessee Print
Posted On June 17th, 2021
  Status:    In Progress 

This prophecy speaks of a whole list of different events that will happen to Nashville, Tennessee where this city will be judged, but it will also be transformed, and turned into one of the revival capitals of the USA, with music coming out of it that will fire up the Christian world.  It will go from being a secular city with secular music, to one that is God focused, and God centered.  The city, as I understand it, will be shaken first, with great signs coming forth that will point points the soon following great awakening that will come to that city, and thens spread out from there to the entire nation, and then the world.

(*Do you have a better description, or did you find an error? Please let me know. Thanks*)
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  Keywords:   City, Revival, Signs, Great Awakening, Music, Praise, Transformation
Last Updated: Thursday, June 17th, 2021 at 8:20am
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