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The Sheep and Goats Judgment Print
Posted On May 19th, 2021
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The Sheep and Goats judgment is the second of two end times judgments that involve the separating of the wicked and evil from the Saints of God.  This judgment, unlike the Wheat and Tares judgment that precedes it, will occur AFTER the Tribulation, and is a dividing of those who are unsaved, wicked, and evil (the Goats), from the Tribulation Saints (the Sheep), who will exist together on Earth, throughout the Tribulation, just prior to this judgment.  However, after this judgment, only the Saints will remain, and they will then enter the Millennial Kingdom with Christ.

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  Supporting Verses:   Matthew 25:31-46
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  Keywords:   Sheep, Goats, Judgment, Separation, Tribulation, Millennial Kingdom
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