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The Fall of the Democratic Party Print
Posted On November 30th, 2016
  AKA:   The Implosion of the Democratic Party, The Death Of The Democratic Party
  Status:    In Progress 

This prophecy is only in its infancy, but the general gist of what is gonna happen from what I've been able to gather, based on information from now two sources, one of whom I lost their name and prophecy text (sorry, my fault), is that the Democratic Party is going to either completely die, and cease to be a political entity, or they will be so gutted as to be completely impotent and powerless.  Also, this implosion, should it happen, would leave room for the rise of another party as its replacement, possibly fulfilling another prophecy that speaks of the rise of a new third political party.  Now obviously there's more than just two parties right now, but the idea is that this other party will become big like the Democratic and Republican parties.  But we'll see what happens on both accounts.

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