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The End of the 501c3, Incorporation and Tax Protection for Churches Print
Posted On November 29th, 2018
  AKA:   The cleansing of the Temple, the Purging of Leven from the Churches
  Status:    Partial Fulfillment 

The overall summary of this prophecy is that the current 501c3/Incorporation tax umbrella that most of the churches presently operate under is basically a covenant with Baal, and should be abandoned and run from as fast as possible, and God is commanding that all churches do.  To put weight behind this demand to get out of it, God will soon chastise and judge the churches in America by first stripping them of 1) their 501c3 status, 2) their incorporation status, and 3) their tax exempt status.  Now, to be clear, none of the prophets listed below cover all 3 of these elements in their prophecies.  Each one has their own little piece of the puzzle, and hold a portion of the larger picture.  This is basically a 3 step or 3 stage prophecy with different voices predicting different parts of the overall event, as the overall event will be happening in stages as well.  Eventually, all of the parts will be fulfilled, even if it takes a while to play out.

But, either way, part 1 for certain will be fulfilled soon.  Part 2, I'm not exactly sure of when it'll be fulfilled, nor part 3.  Those may come in steps over time as the 501c3 is federal level, and thus will be an all or nothing thing, but incorporation is a state level item, and tax exempt status is both state and federal.  So this will play out in multiple facets.  The way I'm seeing the overall prophecy, if you combine all the individual parts, is this: The first part, the removal of the 501c3, is the bow shot.  If the churches don't listen after this comes, then comes the pulling of incorporation.  And if that STILL doesn't get their attention, then the final blow, which will be a death blow, will be the taxation of the church.  So, if you're a church, you'll want to pay close attention to this one.

EDIT (2020-09-17): At this point the first two points of this prophecy are fulfilled, even though only in part.  However, part 3 seems to be a little ways off, so setting to partial fulfillment until more movement is observed again with this prophecy.

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  Keywords:   Judgement, Church, Taxes, Baal, Covenant
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