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The Downfall of the Obamas Print
Posted On November 14th, 2018
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This prophecy talks about how God will neuter (IE hinder) Obama (the sitting president at the time of the prophecy, but now "former" president) and will eventually bring him down.  There's even talk of him going to jail, being charged with treason, and even being stripped of the presidency.  (You can lose and be stripped of the title of president if you are charged with treason, so that's entirely possible still even if he's out of office)  God will also go after Michelle Obama and take her down as well.

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Obama, Clinton Rail Against Free Speech Under Guise Of Fighting 'Misinformation' | ZeroHedge - Report Link
Tucker Carlson: Barack Obama Is A ‘Racial Arsonist’ – Summit News - Report Link
The former British police officer who wants to bring down Barack Obama | Barack Obama | The Guardian - Report Link
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obama-complaint-2011.pdf - Report Link
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'Wingman' Eric Holder orchestrated 'Obamagate,' says successor attorney general - Report Link
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Obama & Biden Under Formal Investigation For Corruption In Ukraine Says Paul Sperry - Report Link
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Report Obama Officials Backchannel with Iran to Defeat Trump's Foreign Policy - Report Link
William Barr dropped the one letter that could mean jail time for Barack Obama - Patriot Pulse - Report Link
Trump: Obama 'Had to Know' of 'Setup' to Block His Presidential Bid | Breitbart - Report Link
Obama Immigration Fix: 4M Illegals Who Never Paid U.S. Tax, Get 3 Years Of Tax Refunds - Report Link
Obama administration knew millions could not keep their health insurance - Investigations - Report Link
William Barr just revealed how he plans to expose Barack Obama's worst crime | Renewed Right - Report Link
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Obama Blatantly Admitted Using the FBI Against Opponents - Report Link
Phillip Haney | DHS whistleblower | Obama | terrorism - Report Link
Obama's WH Deleted ICE Docs Hours Before Trump Took Office: Report - Report Link
Obama's Top Advisor Indicted, Charged - AG Barr Leaves Democrats Reeling - NEWS - Report Link

Obama 'blocked' Hezbollah drugs trafficking investigation to secure Iran nuclear deal - Report Link
Tom Fitton on Twitter: "And, yes, Obama can still be impeached.... " - Report Link
Boeing, Obama, A Gold Watch, And 346 Dead | Zero Hedge - Report Link
Turns out Obama was the real Russian stooge - Report Link
Fresh evidence the Russia 'scandal' is a Team Obama operation - Report Link
Evidence of Obama Administration Political Surveillance Beginning Mid-2012.... | The Last Refuge - Report Link
Inside Judicial Watch: Obama WH Orchestrated Clinton Email Cover-Up - YouTube - Report Link
Obama WH Tied Clinton Email Cover-Up - Judicial Watch - Report Link
Obama sent Palestinians $221M hours before leaving office - Report Link
How The Obama Administration Raided The Treasury To Pay Off Insurers - Report Link
NYT Confirms Obama Admin Used Multiple Spies Against Trump In 2016 - Report Link
Barack Obama Worse President Than Bush, Nixon, Poll Says | Time - Report Link
How Obama Officials Spied on Trump - Report Link
Obama admin. sent taxpayer money to campaign to oust Netanyahu - Washington Times - Report Link
Bill Barr Puts Barack Obama On Notice, Fires First Shot In Coming War With Deep State - KAG Daily - Report Link
Declassified Documents: Obama Ordered CIA To Train ISIS - News Punch - Report Link
How The Obama Administration Raided The Treasury To Pay Off Insurers - Report Link
Obama WH counsel faces possible prosecution in Mueller-initiated probe | Fox News - Report Link
Obama Campaign Fined Big for Hiding Donors, Keeping Illegal Donations | Civic | US News - Report Link

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