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Posted On April 27th, 2017
  AKA:   The Madman From the North Is Defeated, Korea Will No Longer Be a Divided Kingdom, Korea Will Become One
  Status:   Pending: 7   In Progress: 2  

This entry is actually a collection of related prophecies, all pointing towards a singular event that will play out in various "acts" that will lead to both Koreas being united, and given a freedom that they haven't had since the turn of the century.  Listed in among these prophecies is the reunification of both Koreas, the fall/death of Kim Jong Un, a massive revival in the nation, and several other key events.  For a full listing of all pertinent prophecies and details, please see each of the prophecy entries listed below.

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  P  Charles Shamp  
  P  Dennis Cramer  
  P  Julie Green  
  P  Kim Clement  
  IP  Kim Clement  
  P  Kim Clement  
  P  Manuel Johnson  
  IP  Veronika West  
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  Keywords:   War, Reunion, Unity, Gospel, Missions, Dictator, Overthrown, Defeated
Last Updated: Saturday, September 24th, 2022 at 11:26am
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