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Nuclear Weapons in Babylon Print
Posted On October 25th, 2016
  AKA:   Nuclear Weapons In Iraq, Nuclear Weapons in Iran/Persia, Global Nuclear War
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Zechariah 5 talks about an end times scenario that seems to point to the use of nuclear weapons, or at the very least the possession of them, worldwide in a major global manmade cataclysm.  The flying scroll spoken of in verses 1-5 seems to be Zechariah's attempt to describe a Trident or similarly sized nuclear missile in Old Testament terminology, as they both (the missile and the scroll) have almost exactly the same dimensions.  Verses 5-11, which speaks of a basket about an ephah, or roughly 40 liters, in size very closely resembles the exact same dimensions of the nuclear warhead used on these missiles.

Now, when one further considers that the biblical author was forced to describe what they saw in terms available to them at the time, it's easier to understand that the lead lid that they saw may not have been actual lead, but rather Uranium.  In this same way, someone encountering a disk of Uranium-235 (used extensively in nuclear weapons) would have been forced to describe it as a disk of lead as well, or perhaps a lid made of lead, as that's what it would have looked like to them as he wouldn't have had any better way to describe what he saw.

Now, as another interesting aside, through some very scholarly work it's been discovered that, not to any fault of their own but rather simply because of the nature of Hebrew (see the teaching videos below for more details), the original translators of the KJV and others translated the Hebrew word "ISHSHH" as "Woman".  However, the same letters can also be used for the world "Fire" as vowels are not written in Hebrew, but rather inferred based on the context.  So if one considers the idea of fire contained within an Ephah by a lead cover, as well as the flying scroll and other things described in the book, then suddenly everything makes much more sense.

Another clue comes from the idea that the flying scroll is able to consume, not just the timbers of the house, which you'd expect to be flammable, but also the stones which are not.  Only a nuclear weapon is capable of consuming stone and burning it up.  Now, one last thing to consider.  While this prophecy speaks of this nuclear weapon being in Babylon, aka Shinar, it's entirely possible that it also points to a world wide nuclear war originating from there, as the events spoken of in this chapter originate in Babylon and then "go out over the entire world", which would fit with some of the aspects of the prophecies about WW3 which is supposed to be almost entirely nuclear in nature.

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