The Judgment and Rebirth of Iran
Posted On February 25th, 2022
  Status:   Pending: 7   In Progress: 5   Partial Fulfillment: 3   Fulfilled: 2  

The general gist of this prophecy is that Iran will go through a period of judgment (this is separate from The Fall of Elam prophecy, although the two may coincide at some point in the process of this), followed by a period of revival, that will restore Iran to a free, and Godly nation.  However, God needs to remove the evil from that land before it can be removed as a God hating "goat" nation, and turned into a God fearing "sheep" nation,

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  P  Amanda Grace  
  IP  Amanda Grace (1) 
  F  Amanda Grace (64) 
  P  Amanda Grace  
  P  Amanda Grace  
  IP  Charlie Shamp (67) 
  P  Chris Reed (3) 
  PF  Chris Reed (37) 
  P  Hank Kunneman  
  IP  Hank Kunneman (21) 
  IP  Julie Green (58) 
  P  Julie Green  
  PF  Julie Green (6) 
  IP  Julie Green (42) 
  F  Julie Green (1) 
  PF  Julie Green (21) 
  P  Julie Green  
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  Keywords:   Iran, Judgment, Revival, Transformation, Sheep, Goats, Redemption
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