The Fall of Green Energy and the Green Agenda
Posted On February 21st, 2021
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This prophecy isn't actually a prophecy all its own, but rather is a subset, or a branch, of the American and Israel Will Become Oil Super Powers prophecy.  Basically, the idea here is, as America and Israel rise up as oil super powers, "green" energy (and I use that term loosely) will begin to fade, along with the green agenda that backs it.  It won't go away completely, but it will be greatly reduced in scope and impact, and ultimately relegated to a tiny corner of world energy production, and geopolitics.  Only in places where it is truly the cheaper, better, more practical solution will such technologies persist, or maintain their current foothold.  For all other places, they will go away and become a shadow of their former selves.  Also, as Green Energy falls, so will the Green Agenda that backs it.

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