The Crash of the Stock Market
Posted On July 3rd, 2022
  Status:   Pending: 9   In Progress: 2   Partial Fulfillment: 2   Fulfilled: 3  

This prophecy (split from the Global Economic Reset prophecy) speaks of a soon coming time when the US and all global stock markets will crash, implode, and in some cases go completely to zero.  The upside to this is that it will be brief, and this crash will create a market reset that will bring about incredible prosperity on the other side as the old Babylonian market system is destroyed.

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  PF  Amanda Grace (118) 
  F  Amanda Grace (3) 
  PF  Barry Wunsch (11) 
  P  Hank Kunneman  
  P  Julie Green  
  IP  Julie Green (83) 
  F  Julie Green (13) 
  P  Julie Green  
  F  Julie Green (4) 
  P  Julie Green  
  P  Julie Green  
  IP  Julie Green (12) 
  P  Julie Green  
  P  Timothy Dixon  
  P  Timothy Dixon  
  P  Timothy Dixon  
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  Keywords:   Stock Market, Crash, Reset, Jubilee, Shemitah, Fall, Zero, Fail, Loss, Babylon
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