The AntiChrist Will Worship A God Of Forces
Posted On October 15th, 2021
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The Bible speaks of a man, called the AntiChrist, who will worship a "God of Forces".  In more modern terms, this means he'll be a commander of many armies, a lover of weapons (the bad kind of love in this case), and one who is all about the latest, greatest, most powerful, most deadly, most sophisticated weapons ever made.  Some of these weapons he'll use are either currently being developed, or are in use already.  Others, still, will not appear until that time, which will everything before them to shame.  And with these weapons he'll be able to conquer the entire world, and overpower all of his enemies.

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  Supporting Verses:   Daniel 11:38-39, 8:23-24 Revelation 13:2-4
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  Keywords:   Satan, AntiChrist, Power, Weapons, Forces, Death, Destruction, Conquering, High Tech
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