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Welcome to our new "Help Wanted" tool at PI.  Using this tool is very simple, and can help assist this site and ministry immensely.  Plus, it makes it easier for you to find what things need attention on the site, and help us to fill in those blanks and missing items.  To begin using the tool, go down the list displayed on the page and find a prophecy you are interested in working on.  The first column is the prophecy in question that needs extra content.  The name has been made clickable so you can view the prophecy if you wish to help you determine what items are already there to avoid submitting content or links that already exist. 

The next column is for bible verses.  All of the bible prophecies on the site will already have these accompanying them.  The modern prophecies generally do not.  Hence why bible verses are part of this list of needed items.  The idea here is, if you can find bible verses that match up to the prophecy being listed, that'll help add validity to it.  If not, then no biggy.  Verses that counter a modern prophecy are also welcome.  Those verses will be used to debunk the prophecy.  Because, any modern prophecy that stands in opposition to the bible is automatically false without any further debate.

The next three fields, proofs, sources, and teachings, are just exactly that, and match up to their counterparts on the regular prophecy pages.  The rules that determine how the number of needed entires are chosen is as follows:

Bible Verses: Only one is needed, but many are welcome.
Proofs: I would like to see us have at least 10 proofs on every prophecy if possible.  On some of the future bible prophecies, that have yet to happen, we obviously can't provide real time proofs that it's coming to pass.  For that, just posting proofs that such an event is possible is good enough.  That is, if you can find them.  If not, then no big loss.  But, we should try anyways if we can.
Sources: These will only show up as needing to be completed when it comes to modern prophecies.  Bible prophecies won't have modern sources.  For sources, I would like a minimum of 2 per modern prophecy if possible.
Teachings: All you will need to complete this one is just one teaching.  These will likely be the hardest out of everything needed to find or get ahold of.  So I only have a requirement of just one teaching per prophecy if possible.  If you want to write your own teachings and submit them, by all means please do.

Once you have collected any or all of the four items above, just click "submit" next to the prophecy entry.  It will take you over to the "Report a Problem" page.  Don't panic.  That's intentional.  I'm simply recycling an existing tool that already does the job.  No need to remake the wheel if you don't have to. :)  Anyhow, just put your items for the prophecy you've found into that form, one link per line if you would, and hit submit.  It'll then send your report to me for review.  Once I've had a chance to look them over, I'll post them to the site.  I know this seems a bit tedious, but it's mostly to stop spammers, and to be sure the links submitted fit with what they were submitted for.  So it's just me being a good site admin. ;)

So please consider helping out the site as much as you can.  And this doesn't need to be done all at once.  Just take it in small bites, and work on it when you have time.  Just be sure to remember that the list is here, and that certain things need attention.  So please, jump in, help out, and assist a ministry that God has had me working on for nearly seven years now.  As always, thanks for anything you can help with.

Your Brother in Christ,
Steven Lake
Chief Admin


Amos 3:7
Surely the Lord God will do nothing, but he revealeth
his secret unto his servants the prophets.

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