Why do we list so few debunked prophecies?
Monday, December 9th, 2019 9:38am

Recently a friend of mine, while looking at the stats page on PI, asked me why there were so few debunked prophecies listed on the site, given how many are out there.  Well, the purpose for that is important, and I'm sure a few of you have asked that same question yourselves.  So here's my explanation as to why.

1.  There are thousands, literally thousands of false and debunked prophecies out there.  Far too many to list.  So I didn't want to bother spending most of my energy on the debunked ones and filling the site up with them to the detriment of the legitimate ones.

2.  Most false prophecies have a tendency to debunk themselves, or expose their falsehood on their own, and thus I have no need to debunk them here.  I'm only interested in shutting down the ones that don't do this.

3.  Those that were listed here, all 15 of them, were false prophecies that had legs under them.  IE, prior to being debunked, they were extremely popular and highly believed.  However, being what they were, they were also leading people astray and into heresies that needed to be crushed and/or stopped.  So, to protect people, the prophecy was listed and debunked.

4.  In similar manner to the above, there are some people out there who I like to call "Fear Profits" (no, that's not a typo) whose only motivation for giving "prophecy" is to either strike fear into people (to control them) or to swingle them for money and profit.  Hence the tongue in cheek title "Fear Profit", as they push fear to gain profit.  So, by exposing their false prophecies I hope to silence them and, by association, protect those who are being led astray by their heresies and lies.

And those are the primary reasons for the listings I do, and why I don't have more than I do as I thankfully haven't had to do this very often.  But, should such be required in the future, I can and will again list more false prophecies and false prophets as needed to protect people from being led astray into sin and heresy, or simply being fleeced by wolves in sheep's clothing.  I hope that helps explain why there's so few debunked prophecies on the site, if you were ever curious.

Your Brother in Christ,
Steven Lake
Chief Admin

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Amos 3:7
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