Understanding Why I Put Things Together Here As I Do
Friday, August 27th, 2021 12:00pm

While doing updates this morning, a thought crossed my mind that I'm sure a LOT of you are thinking as you're reading posts, updates, etc.  And that question is, "Why did he put this here on this post?"  I will admit, in some cases it's a CMS glitch, and it shouldn't have gone there, or I simply put that entry on the wrong prophecy.  But that's maybe 1-2% of all the stuff I put up here.  The rest of what lands where has a specific reason for going there.  For example, in today's update, I have an entry that talks about Smart TV's that can be remotely disabled, which was tagged to the Mark of the Beast prophecy.

Now you might look at that and go, "Why did he put that there!?  That's not related to the Mark!"  Actually, it is.  Let me explain.  The Mark will be required for anyone and everyone to be able to buy and sell during the Tribulation.  If you don't have the Mark, you can't buy and sell.  So how is that relevant to the TV thing?  Think about it.  If they can remotely turn off your TV because it's stolen, or they think it's stolen, what's to say they can't do that with other things, like your car, your phone, your watch, etc?  Being unable to buy or sell goes far beyond just commerce.  The mark will be a system of total, absolute dictatorial control.  Being able to remotely disable phones, cars, TV's, etc, is just a small part of that control web.  IE, you don't bow to the beast, you get literally everything take from you, shut off, etc.

Starting to see the picture?  I don't just list proofs, teachings, etc on this site for the sake of simply listing them.  I try to connect them to the prophecy in the most logical, relatable ways possible.  IE, if I see something happening that's either a precursor, or companion to the actual event, I will list that.  To use this as sort of a facetious example, let's say there's a prophecy about cars becoming self aware, rising up, and taking over the world.  Again, it's not a real prophecy, but is merely mentioned here for the purposes of example.  Anyhow, now let's say I see a prophecy about cars honking at people for no good reason, revving their engines, etc.  I'm gonna list that proof as related to the original prophecy as it's a precursor event to the final fulfillment.

The same goes for the first example, with the controllable smart TV's.  See where I'm going with this?  The controllable, killable TV thing isn't the mark of the beast, but rather a precursor event that sets up the framework to make the Mark, and it's ability to prevent you from buying and selling, possible.  Without it, the Mark is just a mark, and nothing else.  It needs a support framework to have any real power.  That's where the TV's come in, as they're just one brick in the wall of that framework, and thus important in the overall fulfilling of that prophecy.

I hope this brief explanation of why I post what I do, the way I do, has been informative to everyone, and not only helps you better understand what's posted here, and why, but also helps you pay more attention to those items I post, and their importance, and connection to the prophecies to which they're attached.

Your Brother in Christ,
Steven Lake
Chief Admin

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