Understanding Prophecy Statuses
Friday, November 6th, 2015 10:45am

Hi again all.  I've got a new topic for you that I think at least a few of you could benefit from.  Most of you will probably look at this, and say, "meh, it doesn't interest me."  Even so I still want to share this brief overview with you on how the status system works here at PI.  I figured to share this small overview with you so that everyone can get a better idea of why prophecies are labeled the way they are in regards to their status.  Some entries are fairly straight forward, and others have a bit more thought behind them, so I'll now begin below and explain the expanded meanings behind each status type and why I use them when I do.

Unknown - This status is first in the list and, while rarely used, carries with it an important purpose.  This is sort of a "catch-all" status, and is most often used when dealing with prophecies that I either can't verify the legitimacy of, or that I am uncertain of in their content or legitimacy.  So sometimes if I'm still researching the prophecy and haven't found enough to satisfy the biblical guidelines for what qualifies as a prophecy, it will get logged into the system and given the status of unknown until a later time when events clarify what the correct status for that particular prophecy should be.

Pending - This status is pretty straight forward.  This is any prophecy that is either modern and has passed the vetting process, or is biblical and can be verified and backed up with scripture.  This is used whenever a prophecy has not either been fulfilled, debunked, or begun its fulfillment.

In Progress -  This status is used for all prophecies with an extended period of fulfillment.  This is because prophecies can be fulfilled in three ways: Either instantaneously, in stages, or continuously over an extended period of time.  This status type is used for the third type of fulfillment method.  Namely those that are fulfilled over an extended period of time.  One example of this extended fulfillment is the One World Religion.  It began its formation decades ago, and is still a work in progress with expected fulfillment still some three to five years away at the earliest.  Thus the status of "in progress" fits this prophecy as it's being fulfilled, but will take some time to be completed.

Partial Fulfillment - This is a status that is used extremely rarely.  The reason being is because there are a few prophecies that see fulfillment in stages.  ie, if you have a prophecy out of the bible that is made up of four unique events, each one of which can happen separately with days, months, years or even decades between them.  Thus, since a particular prophecy undergoing this type of fulfillment isn't technically "In progress" at that particular moment, it's listed as having partial fulfillment.  Although this status is rarely used, that doesn't preclude it from being used again in the future should any of the prophecies require such a status.

Fulfilled - This status, like pending, is self explanatory.  It means the prophecy in question has been fulfilled in whole.  However, there are times in which I will mark a prophecy as fulfilled even though events related to the prophecy are still unfolding.  This is because there comes a point when a prophecy can be considered fulfilled even though the consequences of its fulfillment haven't as yet played out.  It's like the idea of preparing to stop at a red light.  Even though the light is red, that doesn't change the fact that your car hasn't come to a complete stop yet.  The same is true of prophecy.  Once you pass a certain point the prophecy is considered fulfilled even though some of the consequences of it have yet to fully play out.

Debunked - This status is reserved for prophecies that have been proven to be false, either through scripture or, in the absence of scriptural proofs, through scientific and investigative evidence.  This is not a status that is used for biblical prophecies as those always come true.  This is reserved entirely for modern prophecies as those, unlike bible prophecies, can be false and/or fallible.

And that's the basics of the status system and its six status types.  I hope this was helpful to everyone.  If you have any questions about this please feel free to ask. :)

Your Brother in Christ,
Steven Lake
Chief Admin

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