September Doom or September Boom?
Friday, August 21st, 2015 11:26am

There's been a LOT of discussion lately about the month of September and all the crazy things that are going to happen, as well as predicted to happen that month.  If you're not up to date on this, then check out this article which lists 33 of the biggest events scheduled to occur during that month.  It definitely portends to be a busy month.  However, one has to ask themselves, what all does this signal and is it really of any major concern to me?

Well, in a case like this we should ask ourselves, what does this month truly signal?  Is it biblical, or just temporal?  IE, does it pertain only to this world, or is God placing some bigger significance on this month?  I for one do think it's a turning point for mankind.  But probably not the kind most people are thinking about.  For one, there's the big scare about an asteroid hitting the Earth sometime between Sept 22st and 24th.  Some day that it'll completely obliterate the Earth, and some say it'll simply divide the USA and rain down fire on it.

First off, the idea of it completely destroying the Earth is unscriptural, so no, that won't happen.  The second theory, which is based on this prophecy, seems to finger that date range as when the prophecy will be fulfilled.  The problem with that is, the prophecy is conditional and if the conditions aren't met, it won't happen.  Plus, unless someone's got some really good inside info that nobody else has, there's no way of knowing when the conditions will officially be met to initiate the prophecy.  So setting dates on its fulfillment is just as bad as setting dates on the rapture.

Which, speaking of such, that is another thing that is being put forward.  IE, that the rapture will occur this September.  However, just like at countless times in the past, I have the strong feeling it will fall through, and so do several others.  Trust me, people at countless times in the past have predicted the coming of the rapture and been DEAD WRONG.  Why?  First off, it'll come at a day an hour you LEAST expect it.  So if you're expecting it this September, guess what, it won't come.  It'll have to be at a time when nobody is looking for it.  At this point there's a lot of dates that it could come on that nobody is expecting.  So the idea that it could come at any time is still spot on.

Plus there's also the issue with the Alien Deception prophecy which includes, believe it or not, a fake rapture.  Yes, a fake rapture.  Why would God allow something like this?  I think it will come BEFORE the true rapture happens, and it will be one more arrow in God's quiver to sort out the fakers from the true believers, to shakeup and wakeup the church, and to sort out the weak from the strong by crushing what little faith remains in some of the lukewarm and cold, while firing up the rest to once and for all make that decision to live on fire for Christ.  After all, if you thought you missed the rapture, wouldn't that suddenly light a fire under you like nothing else could?

Now I'd hate to see that happen to anyone, to fall for such a great deception.  But God knows what He's doing, and it would not be beyond Him to use one of Satan's own devices of deceit and destruction to strengthen and grow His church.  After all, He's done it before.  In fact, God uses Satan's own plans against him more often than the old deceiver would want to admit.  Plus, the rapture is more than just "the great escape".  It's a rescue mission, and last I checked the world hasn't reached that point yet where God would need to rescue us from the coming time of God's wrath.  So, as long as the time of His wrath remains future, we remain here.  However, when that wrath is officially right at the doorstep of time, THEN and only then will we be removed to protect us from it.

So what does September bring?  Is it bringing in the rapture?  I would pray yes, but my gut tells me no.  I think what we will see will be in fact Satan's last grand attempt to destroy and deceive the church just prior to the rapture and the start of the Tribulation.  It will also be the opening volley in a pre-trib period of upheaval, suffering, judgment, loss, calling out, strengthening, revival and more.  And no, it won't be a world wide or regional or anything corporate type of revival.  It will be an individual case by case revival within the body.  The Triune God is a personal God.  Revival is a personal experience.  It only becomes corporate when a large number of individual revivals all come together in one place.

So in closing, please, be circumspect about this September.  Something big may happen, and it probably will.  But don't pin all your hopes and dreams on that singular block in history.  Pin them ONLY on Jesus Christ and trust that He knows what's going to happen, as everything that unfolds, good or bad, will be occurring in His will either by His design or with His permission intended and allowed to go forward for His purposes, which is to save souls and bring many to Him.  So don't just look to the heavens this September simply because it's a busy month.  Look to the sky, for your redemption draws nigh.  Jesus is coming soon.  But since we don't know when, it is wise to always be ready day and night for His coming.

Your Brother in Christ,
Steven Lake
Chief Admin

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