Reminder: I need everyone's help
Thursday, March 28th, 2024 12:52pm

As the solo administrator of this site, I do my best to keep PI up to speed, updated, current, and more.  But if you take a look at the site stats page you will see just how huge of an effort it is to keep up with everything here.  And I try not to bother you guys with too many requests.  I know life is crazy right now, as even I'm kinda overwhelmed with everything that's happening.  But I also want to state the importance of keeping up, as best we can, with everything that's happening.

And that means having multiple eyes to look for, see, identify, report, etc things that are going on out there.  This includes both proofs, and prophecies.  I do track a LOT of stuff myself.  But I don't have the time, or ability, to track everything, or even know it's importance.  I come from a technology background.  Some of you might come from finance, the military, industrial, medical, or any number of other occupations, interests, histories, and so on, and would know more about those topics than me.

Many of you also have access to information that I don't, or know of prophecies I don't, or have seen things I haven't.  Knowing those is important.  So, as always, if you see something, say something.  It doesn't matter if it's prophecy, or a proof, or whatnot, or even if I may have already seen it, or know about it, etc.  Go ahead and send it in.  You would be surprised how many things people send in that I haven't seen for whatever reason, both proofs and prophecies.

So, to make this the best site we can to serve the Lord, and be a helper to believers, and a witness to the unsaved, this needs to be a group effort.  So the more you can help out, the better.  So, for any prophecy submissions you want to send in, please feel free to use this form to report those.  This goes for proofs as well.  And, as always, if you see any errors or issues on the site, let me know about those too via the error reporting form so I can get those corrected.

Thanks again, everyone, for all your wonderful help and assistance in making this the best ministry it can be. :)

Your Brother in Christ,
Steven Lake
Chief (and currently only) Admin 😅

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Amos 3:7
Surely the Lord God will do nothing, but he revealeth
his secret unto his servants the prophets.

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