Proposing an Idea: A Prophecy Round Table
Tuesday, December 8th, 2020 6:17pm

For those of you who know, who are watching events unfold all over the world, you know that prophecy is speeding up.  I mean, compared to even 5 years ago, the sheer amount of stuff happening is mind blowing.  Compared to 20 years ago, it's a firehose to the face.  And 50 years ago?  A Tsunami.  So, here's what I'm proposing.  Since we finally have a handle on the bad links problem (thank you to everyone that helped, including the suggestions for the link crawler I'm using now), and given the speed at which things are unfolding, I'm looking at doing something slightly different.  I'm thinking about setting up a prophecy round table.  So what is this "Prophecy Round Table"?  Well, it's an advisory board of sorts is how I envision it.

I know some of you are very scared of actually getting into doing admin work, and I can appreciate that.  I'm already working 66 hours a week myself at work just trying to keep our heads above water there.  (we're way super busy this time of year)  So my involvement in this site, especially given the size that it's become, is becoming less hands on across the week, and more of an "all at once one day a week" ordeal whenever I get a day off, or find time to catch things up.  That being said, it makes it harder for me to stay up to speed on stuff.  Hence my idea of the Prophecy Roundtable.

Calling it an "Advisory board" sounds too corporate for what we do, hence my idea to call it a "roundtable", sorta like King Arthur's round table, where everyone is equal, everyone has an equal voice, and decisions are made jointly.  So what kind of decisions would those be?  Well, really anything, I think.  But mostly I want to center everything around prophecies.  One thing I've noticed of late, which goes beyond even what we were seeing in 2015 when the site started, is the sheer number of new prophecies, sources, teachings, etc appearing.  I'd like to be able to start tackling those.

So finding new prophecies, cleaning up existing ones, fine tuning things, etc would be mostly what would be required.  And I also think, given the sheer number of clearly false prophecies proliferating around, I'm going to lift my limitation on listing those and start carrying more of those too.  Why?  Because, if they're false, they need to be debunked, and shown to be false, along with all those who gave them.  Before this my rule was to only list prophecies or prophets who were making a huge impact, but whose prophecy was clearly false, or better yet, proven flatly and intentionally false.

However, I now see that the false prophets have shifted tactics.  No longer is it the bold, in your face, "I'm right or the highway, send me big $$$ and God will make you rich" kinda stuff, especially among the prosperity gospel crowd.  They're the kind that will tell you to your face stuff that isn't really a prophecy to "prove" to you they're legitimate when it comes to pass, then hook you into believing their more outlandish and clearly false or salacious prophecies that they give later.  IE, they start out with what I could call "weather rock" type predictions where, "hey, it's raining and the rock is wet, so it's gonna rain," and it rains, so now they're a legit prophet, so now listen to my other prophecies.

That's kinda the direction these false prophets have moved, which means we now have to work harder to find them, and debunk/discredit/fight against them so that the true prophets of God can shine as they should, rather than being drowned out by these rabble false prophets.  But, this is a planet 25k miles around, with 7.5b people, and millions of men and women working for Satan trying to bury God's prophets in a flood of lies.  Myself, I'm one guy, who's clearly overworked, and doing his best to keep up with this.  But, alas, even Moses couldn't do everything, and had to assign people to pick up a large portion of his daily duties so he could do the important things God wanted him to do.

The 12 apostles did the same thing.  Remember Acts 6:2-4?  Even they delegated out work to others to ensure important things were handled so that it wouldn't take them away from the important things of ministry.  Hence, once again, my roundtable idea.  Yes, part of the idea is, here, let me delegate this and this to you guys to do to help me out.  But, part of it, I think, should also be a system of teamwork and cooperation on other details, like vetting prophecies, finding new ones, going over existing ones and looking them over and determining, did we get this right?  Is this prophecy summary accurate?  Is the source summary accurate?  Does this source really belong on this prophecy, or should it be spun out onto another?  Does it belong in more than one place?  Etc, etc, etc.

This is why I'm thinking "round table" rather than a "pick your poison" type service setup.  The more people we have involved, and the more we work as a team, the better.  Each one of us can bring something unique to the table, provide a different viewpoint, maybe each of us sees something a little different, knows something different/better, understands it better, etc.  That's why I'm thinking that a team, a "round table" of individuals, would greatly help this site and improve how it works, what is involved, etc.  With that said, would you be interested in helping?  You don't have to do admin work, or need to login to the backend, etc.  If you just want to be an advisor, vetting prophecies, editing/fixing/critiquing/etc on the things already listed on the site, and then let me do the keyboard work, that's fine too.

In short, I'm not picky in how you participate in the site.  The fact that you do at all is what matters to me.  And if God is leading you, calling you, asking you to help here, please do.  And, even if He's not, at least consider volunteering a little here and there to help out how and where you can.  It'll be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.

Your Brother in Christ,
Steven Lake
Chief Admin

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