Proofs and Sources Project Complete!
Sunday, November 20th, 2022 7:35pm

Good news everyone, believe it or not, I'm actually done with my "Proofs on Sources" project, and easily weeks ahead of where I expected to be.  I originally gave a conservative estimate of 2-3 months to complete the population of all proofs on their specific sources, and instead I was able to grind it out in 2 weeks.  (no, I'm not Scotty, although I did kinda pull a Scotty here, lol)  So at this point, going forward, all proofs are now listed under their respective sources on modern prophecies.  I've also, as part of this, deprecated the bulk proofs section under modern prophecies (it's still available under bible prophecies as they have no separate sources, just the parent prophecy) and added counters on the main parent prophecy page so you can see which sources, at a glance, have proofs attached to them, and how many.

Anyhow, this project is done now, finally, after much sweating and worrying by me about the sheer size of it.  Honestly, it proved to be a lot easier than I expected.  Also, you may also notice on the stats page that the proofs count, along with sources, has gone down a bit.  Well, proofs went WAY down, and sources down a little.  This was a side effect of the project as I ended up removing proofs that didn't belong, were misfiled, etc, while I downsized sources by merging some of them, while removing others (just the super vague ones that can't be effectively tracked), to give everyone a much cleaner collection of sources and proofs to work with.  Also, as always, I did my best to properly file everything.  But, I'm human.  So if I got something wrong somewhere, just let me know as always.  Thanks guys!

Also, as for projects, I'm all done for the foreseeable future other than perhaps little nitpicky tweaks here and there, and a new theme.  But that I'm still not sure how to pull off just yet as UI stuff isn't my thing. ^_^;;  If you know someone who's willing to make a mobile friendly theme that's flat HTML (ie, not specifically tooled to any one particular CMS) I'll do the rest to incorporate it into the site and make it work.  Anyhow, thanks everyone, and I hope you like the changes.  It's been a TON of work, but well worth it, I think.

Your Brother in Christ,
Steven Lake
Chief Admin

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