Progress Report: Proofs on Sources feature
Tuesday, November 15th, 2022 9:54am

Hi again everyone.  I just wanted to put out a quick update to let you know how things are going with the new Proofs on Sources feature.  At this point I'm actually ahead of where I thought I would be around this time.  We're a little over a week into this and I've already cut the number of prophecy entries I need to do by half.  So that's good.  The problem is, I'm now getting into the tougher projects, including prophecies with larger source counts, meaning that I'm really only about 20% of the way in, if you consider the total number of sources that have been addressed.  Still, that's not bad, and definitely ahead of where I expected to be at this time.

I'm also slowly streamlining the process of attaching proofs to sources as I go along.  In fact, as I get all the proofs listed on the site attached to their respective sources, I'm looking into removing the bulk sources list on modern prophecies since they will be available under the individual sources themselves going forward.  So there's no point confusing people by having the same thing in two places, one of which has no context.  And I think all of you will greatly appreciate that as well.  Namely, the lesser degree of confusion. :)  In the meantime, though, until I get closer to 90%, that feature will remain so that you can still find the proofs easily enough until then.

Another thing that's come up out of this, which is a positive thing, albeit a frustrating one for me, is that this project has forced me to take a laser focused view of all the sources on the site.  This is especially true of sources that were apparently just slapped on the site with no clear path to being either proven, or disproved (ie, they're too vague).  As such, those, are being removed to reduce or avoid causing confusion to anyone who reads them.  And I know you guys would like me to list a whole lot more source prophecies than I do.  However, listing them is fine.  But I also need to be able to prove or disprove them in the process.  Hence why I'm taking this approach, as it benefits both you and I in the end.

For those wanting prophecies from literally everyone out there, 444prophecynews would be where I'd send you, as they list EVERYTHING that anyone ever gives, good, bad or otherwise.  Now, that can be good if you're looking for just prophecies.  However, the mission here is a bit more involved than just listing who says what.  Our goal is to list them, and then PROVE or DISPROVE if they're true.  If the latter can't be done, then their entries are just taking up valuable space on the site.  And, speaking of which, this project has also opened my eyes to the fact that there are a bunch of sources on the site that I once thought were in motion, but really were not.  Or, if they are, they're not on the way I thought they were.

That's why you've been seeing me updating so many source statuses lately.  As a result, I believe that, going forward, everything will be much better, as I will be able to provide much more solid proof either for, or against any given source prophecy on the site, unlike before when it was sorta "take your best guess".   Anyhow, that being said, I'm now far enough along that, if you want, you can begin looking at sources that have proofs (I'm not pointing at any particular ones, just any that you are interested in) already attached to them and let me know if you see something that's missing, or a proof that's there that shouldn't be.  I say that because, again, there's a LOT to go through on this site, and it's more than easy enough for me to mess something up along the way.

So, if you find somewhere that a source is missing a given proof, or has one it shouldn't, by all means please report it.  I'm willing to admit I made a mistake, or three, or several dozen. ;)   But seriously, you guys being my extra eyes is greatly appreciated, and very much helps me by leaps and bounds.  Anyhow, that's my latest update.  I appreciate everyone's patience as I work through this, as you've all been really great throughout all these changes, and I super appreciate it.  I'll try to get another update out in a week or so, and let you know where I am at that point.  Hopefully I'll be another 20% further along.  The biggest thing that'll determine if that's true or not will be how busy my life gets, as that does a lot to limit my free time to work on the site.

That being said, TBH, my life is always kinda crazy, and ongoing health issues don't make that any easier.  Anyhow, that's my update, God bless you all, and thank you for being such wonderful readers and helpers in this ministry.  And please, share this site, and the prophecies on it, as part of why it's here is to reach the lost by showing them that Bible Prophecy is true, God is moving, and that God's word is infailable and unbreakable, with the end goal being to make saints and save souls from Hell.  Hence why God had me build this tool to help you with that effort.

Your Brother in Christ,
Steven Lake
Chief Admin

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