New "Adopt a Prophecy" Plan.
Tuesday, September 22nd, 2020 4:23pm

Hey there, everyone!  I'm so glad you've stuck with me, with all of us, through thick and thin these last nearly 6 years that Prophecy Index (affectionately known as "PI") has been around.  It's been an amazing run and I've loved every bit of it, as much as I hope you have too.  And no, don't be feeling dread by reading that.  I'm not announcing its end, or my retirement (even though I could really use it, wow, life's too crazy) but rather a slight shift in focus.  What I'd like to offer you guys is a new idea for helping out here at PI.  And, if I do this right, I hope that this will make things a LOT easier on you.  Yes, I understand the incredible amounts of data stored here.  The stats page alone tells a story all its own.

That's why I want to try something different, something that won't feel so overwhelming to you.  Over 18 thousand proofs, 257 prophecies, 249 prophecy sources (modern only), 300+ teachings, 80+ modern prophets and more.  That can get overwhelming for anyone who might be made to face that.  I totally get it.  I've been doing this nearly 6 years.  I know the feeling.  "It's too much!  I can't hope to help with this!"  Well, how about this?  And this goes along with what I put in the title of this post.  If all those entries are too much, if all these proofs, teachings, and whatnot are too much, how about focusing on just one of them, or perhaps several?  And maybe not the whole thing.  Maybe just concentrate on certain things within them if an entire prophecy is too much.  (ie, by "entire" I mean the summary, proofs, teachings, verses, etc.  Basically everything included with the entry.

And I'm not asking people to run over to a page, put your name down, sign up, toss your name in the hat, etc.  This isn't about participation points, or who did the most work, or anything like that.  This is you doing as much as you feel comfortable with doing, or as much as God asks you to do.  In fact, I'd prefer that you looked at the site, talked with God about it, and hashed it out with Him over what you should and shouldn't do, how much, how often, etc.  PI is a service to you, from God, and to God, and therefore I'm only the steward who keeps the place running.  It's not my project.  This was started by God, who sent me on this mission in 2015 to build this site, not as an end all, be all for bible and end times prophecy.  Like the word "Index" in its name, this place is an index, a jumping off point, a starting place for those looking for answers.

But answers to what?  To what God is saying to us, to what He has chosen for us to know, and understand, and thus enable us to see what He is doing, and will be doing in these last days.  So anyone who participates in helping keep PI up to date, in whatever capacity that may be, is participating in a world of God.  Prophecy Index isn't just here to educate and inform the saved.  It's also here to reach the lost by proving to them that God is real by demonstrating that bible prophecy is real, and coming to pass, and to act as a filter for modern prophecies, showing the unbelievers the message of Salvation that God is trying to relay to them, the end goal of that being their salvation.  God is reaching out to the world, trying to save lost souls, and PI is just one arrow in a massive quiver, and one wreck in a massive box of tools that God is using to that effect.

So, will you join in and help keep this place up to date?  Will you adopt at least one prophecy entry (preferably as many as you can comfortably handle) and watch over it?  If you decide to say yes, helping out is super simple.  Begin by picking at least one prophecy, or maybe even a prophet, as they have entries too, and go through it a link at a time, and look for dead links, typos, incorrect summaries or bios, etc.  And you don't have to do it all at one sitting.  Do it in bits or pieces if you need to.  Then, when you find something that needs correction, click the "Report Link" or "Please let me know" links that will take you over to the reporting page where you can report bad links on proofs or teachings, wrong verses, bad verse, something is missing, etc.  IE, if it seems like it's an issue on that page, report it.  I'll take things from there.

The same goes if you find a proof, teaching, prophecy, etc you think should be added to the site, or a particular prophecy, page, etc, just go up to the Submissions link in the menu, then click on either "report an error" (if it's an issue/error/problem) or "report a prophecy" (if it's a proof, teaching, prophecy, etc that needs to be added) and submit those to me, and I'll do the rest.  The biggest help for this site is simply you helping dig through the enormous amount of data on this site and finding where issues might arise that I haven't already found.  Many hands make light work, and your many hands are appreciated.  But again, look over the site, discuss this in prayer with God, and if He tells you to dive in, then by all means, dive in wherever He leads you to help out.  Thanks again everyone.  Your help is always welcome. :)

Your Brother in Christ,
Steven Lake
Chief Admin

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Amos 3:7
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