Help Wanted: Prophecy Itemizers
Wednesday, May 26th, 2021 1:08pm

Hey everyone1  I've got a voluntary position available if anyone wants to help.  The requirements are simple, and you can do them at your own pace, on your own schedule.  And, I'm not thinking this needs to be just one person, and probably shouldn't be, as many hands make light work.  Anyhow, the idea for the position is this.  I'm looking for someone who can go out to various known modern prophets, and even throughout the bible (if you prefer to focus on the bible, by all means please do as I need stuff from there as well), gather together the prophecies listed by both, and create itemized lists of them.  I'm thinking something like this perhaps.  And ps, the prophecies I'm listing for the modern prophets are just examples for purposes of illustration, and nothing more, so don't throw them under the bus because of what I'm listing here.  Anyhow, the idea:

Modern prophets/prophecy:

Robin Bullock
- Donald Trump will be president (date) [summary] *link*
- Green energy will fall (date) [summary] *link*

Bible Prophecy:

The Rapture  (supporting verses) [summary]
2nd Coming of Christ (supporting verses) [summary]

Anyhow, that's my idea.  However, your millage may vary, as you may have a better idea on how to do this than me.  So I'm all ears if you do.  My primary thinking on this, as an admin, since I'll have to parse all this stuff, and then eventually post it, is kinda centered around information density.  Take everything you find, distill it down, summarize it, then pass it to me so I can go over it, figure out where it fits, and then get it logged.  To me it's just another way of trying to give you guys opportunities to help out here.  I really appreciate everyone that has helped out.  You've been great, and I've greatly appreciated everything that each of you has done for me, and for this ministry.  I regularly work 60+ hour weeks, plus do research and other work for this site, so time is always slim.  So I greatly appreciate everyone's help who volunteers.

So anyhow, that's my idea, if anyone wants to tackle it.  Like I said, if you want to tackle just bible prophecy, by all means, please do.  If you want to tackle modern prophets, do that instead.  You can do both as well.  I'm just looking for help trying to flesh out what I already have here, and try to get it to the point where it's covering literally everything that's out there, both modern and bible prophecy, all of which deals with the end times.  I'm even thinking about, at some point, expanding Prophecy Index to include bible prophecies of the past that have already been fulfilled, with the end goal of literally charting every single prophecy in the bible, from oldest to newest.  But, I'm one guy, and that's a big undertaking.  So, I want to move forward in sorta baby steps, and this is one of those steps.

So, can you guys help out?  It's taken me 6 years to get the site where it is today by myself, and with the occasional help of others, so again, the more people helping, the more the site can expand and grow.  Plus, each of you have unique talents and skills, many of which I don't have, which can be greatly useful to the Lord.  So, at the very least, please consider helping out.  It would be hugely helpful.  Thanks.

Your Brother in Christ,
Steven Lake
Chief Admin

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