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Tuesday, August 10th, 2021 4:23pm

For those of you who know, or keep an eye on our stats page, you know that this site has grown immeasurably over the past 6 1/2, closing on 7 years.  In fact, despite the periodic cullings of proofs and teachings that go unavailable, we're rapidly closing on 20,000 proofs on this site alone, almost 300 prophecies, 100+ modern prophets, 400+ modern prophecies, and almost 300 teachings.  God has blessed this site, and everything that we have all (yes, you're a part of this, and thank you to everyone who has contributed over the years!) faithfully contributed to it.

However, we're in a period of great prophecy, both the prophesying of it, and the huge number of fulfillments that have happened, both biblical, and modern.  I mean, if you go back to the stats page, you'll see that 83 have already been fulfilled, 29 have been partially fulfilled, 76 are in progress, and 83 are still pending.  That's quite a lot.  However, that's not all of them.  You guys have helped me immeasurably to keep up the site, and to grow it over the years, and I know that's a small bit of service that God is pleased with.

However, all of that being said, this site has SOOOOOO much more potential to grow, and I'd like you to be a part of that.  You don't have to do admin work, or dev work, or anything like that.  I'm already handling that, and with Sharon's help, we're doing good on that front.  In fact, we're finally able to keep up with site maintenance, as God has been giving me the free time finally to get caught up on that.  So we're doing good on that front.  What we need are several bits of information to add to the site.  IE, data to go with what we already have.  So, if you're a data and information sleuth, a google master, or duckduckgo, or whatever you prefer to use, we could use your help in these areas to help grow and expand what we already have, and are offering to both the lost, and the saints.

  1. A new theme for the site.  I need a responsive template that works good on desktop, phone, tablet, etc.  I've already tried it, and me and responsive template design do not go well together, unfortunately.  ^_^  Since I don't need highly interactive, all I need for the template is just CSS and HTML.  So Javascript, Jquery, etc isn't needed.  I just need simple, functional, and it works on both desktop and mobile.  And, to make things simple, if you can build the template for me, I can do the rest, including incorporating it into the existing site framework and API's.

    The theme I have now is HTML4 that's over 6 years old with tweaks.  So if you want to help this ministry, and your skills are in UI and template design, feel free to throw me a message via the Submit Error Report/Report a Problem form.  I'm only having you use that form as I don't want to put my email out in the public because, as any of you techier types know, I'm gonna get buried in spam if I do.  :)  With the form I can, at least, better control that.  So if you can help me with the new site theme, I'd love to hear from you.  And I want a colorful theme, not a flat theme.  Those are lame. ;)
  2. More prophecies.  This includes bible and modern prophecies about the end times.  The site is focused down on those areas only.  So if you know of a bible prophecy of the end times that I missed, please let me know.  And, if you know of any prophecies from legit prophets that should be listed here, and aren't (they don't need to be their own new prophecy entry, but can be merely a source addition to an existing one already listed on the site), then by all means, please let me know.  If it's a modern prophecy by a modern prophet, and I don't have a listing for them yet, then send me a picture (or at least a link to one) and a bio (picture can be with the bio too) so I can add them properly to the site.
  3. Teachings.  Oh do we ever need teachings.  There are so many prophecies on the site that need those.  Mostly the bible ones, as those I think are most important to include teachings on.  But, if you can come up with teachings for modern prophecies, that are biblically focused (ie, even though the prophecy is modern, it connects, or relates to this biblical principle, and as such the teaching relates to that principle), we'd welcome those too.
  4. Prophecies needing debunking.  Yes, this sounds like a weird request, and it's generally NOT something we do here.  However, right from the start I made it a thing that, if a prophecy fails, or if it needs debunking, and exposing as a false prophecy, I want to list that.  You can see several of those already on the site.  I try not to focus on these, as they kinda sort themselves out all on their own.  However, there are times those need to be shut down hard, hence we list them as debunked on the site, with proofs, and why, to help kill those off so that they don't hurt people by leading them astray into heresy and false doctrine.  Now, I'm not saying go false prophecy hunting.  But if you find one that's got feet, and it needs to be shut down, please let me know.
  5. Bible verses on prophecies.  This is one I kinda struggle at, so a little help from those who are wiser than me is welcome.  Basically what I'm after here, on both modern and bible prophecies, is either extra verses that back up, explain, expound on, or flesh out a prophecy (bible), or add validity to it (modern), I'd like to add those to the site.  You can report those additions directly from the individual prophecy pages just as though there were a typo in the page, or some incorrect info, as these would be missing verses that need to be on that entry, but are missing.

    One thing you can do, if you happen to come across this, is if you find a bible prophecy where a verse goes counter to what I've posted for the summary, please send me that too so I can get that entry sorted out.  If it's a modern prophecy, and a bible verse shows that the modern prophecy is false, I wanna hear that too.  As a rule, if a prophecy stands against what the bible says, then it's false/debunked by default, and I wanna hear about that.  So, really, I want verses that go both ways, either in support of, or stands against a modern prophecy.  I have no "golden calves" on this site.  Everything here either stands or falls according to the bible, no matter who gave it.

Anyhow, that's my wish list.  If you can help out with those in any way, please do, as I would be extremely grateful, as would God, as you would be helping His project that He sent me on 6 1/2 years ago to help track and document both bible, and modern prophecy.  So if you want to help and volunteer in this ministry, please do, and do so as God leads you, and at your own pace. :)  Thank you very, very much.  All of you, and your contributions, are greatly appreciated.

Your Brother in Christ,
Steven Lake
Chief Admin

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