An Update and a Request - More Eyes and Site Theme
Tuesday, December 20th, 2022 5:31pm

Hey again, everyone, and thanks as always to everyone that's been sending in proofs, links to new sources, fulfillments, updates, problem and error reports, and so on.  You're all a great help and a blessing to me, as it's just me right now behind the proverbial curtain, so any extra help is always welcome.  Which brings me to my first request.  Namely, extra eyes.  I know there are those of you out there who have access to, or regularly see things that I can't, or don't have access or ability to see.  So if you see something you think I missed, or didn't see, feel free to let me know.  I may have actually seen it and I'm just waiting on something, so your submission might be already known by me.

However, even if I already know that item, having someone else reinforce it is a good thing as it adds extra incentive, and confirmation to me that it's something that needs looking into if I haven't already addressed it.  That's also really helpful when something has fallen off my radar for whatever reason and needs to be paid attention to again.  Think of it as your way to help the Father by being used by Him to tap me on the shoulder when it's needed to get me moving again.  I mean, I have a LOT already to keep track of here, so extra fingers on the proverbial shoulder is welcome. :)  So don't be afraid to throw things at me because, even if I've seen them, I still will review and take consideration of all your submissions.

The second request I have is an older one that hasn't been answered yet.  That would be the need for a new site theme, one that is mobile friendly.  That's been something that's been asked of me for a while, but I simply don't have the skills on frontend design to make that happen.  As it is, the original design comes from a friend of mine who offered design suggestions and art help just to build the original template.  Taking the site up to HTML5 standards, with CSS 3.0, Javascript, and Jquery (if needed) is the next step in keeping the site up to date.  The look itself doesn't need to change.  It just needs to be phone and mobile device friendly.

Also, if you're wondering what CMS to build it for, I'm not using any of the currently available CMS's that are in the wild.  Mine is entirely custom, scratch built from the bottom up.  If you haven't already figured it out, I'm great on the backend stuff, but the UI stuff is a bit of a stretch for me.  Hence my request for help.  The theme itself only needs to be done as static HTML pages.  Once I have that, I can port it into the CMS itself has a very unique way of handling templates that I use.  So, rather than walking you through how that works, which would be a whole semester class all its own (seriously, I'm not joking), just building the theme as a static HTML page that's mobile friendly will be sufficient.

Again, this isn't a redesign, just a modernization of the existing theme.  Also, if you need me to, I'm willing to pay you for your work, although I don't have a really huge budget to work with.  But I can do that if you need me to.

Anyhow, thank you again everyone for all your wonderful help and support.  And thank you for both using, and sharing the site with everyone you can.

Your Brother in Christ,
Steven Lake
Chief (and currently only) Admin :)

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