A Little House Cleaning And Some Improvements
Sunday, March 8th, 2015 7:39pm

Hey everyone, it's me again.  :)  I'm here to say that, well, I've been doing some thinking, and it's a good kind of thinking.  Over the past week or so I've been asking for help on and off with updating the site and getting new content into it, mostly in the area of finding and adding teachings to the existing list of prophecies.  That, eh, hasn't gone quite to plan.  In fact, a lot of people seem hesitant to dive in, and I've finally today understood why.  It would seem in my hurried frenzy to get as many prophecies logged as I could I've come to the realization that I've actually logged numerous duplicates to some of the prophecies.

Yes, there are actually a regrettable number of duplicate prophecies on the site.  Why they got there though is fairly self explanatory.  In logging the prophecies I didn't happen to catch the fact that some of the new ones were just rewordings of existing ones as they were each told from a different viewpoint.  Same prophecy, just different details.

So my plans to resolve this is to, during the coming week, pick through the site, and merge all the duplicates together under their associated parent prophecies.  As for you, the user, you're welcome to help out it too if you want by flagging or notifying me of prophecy entries that are clearly duplicates of another (you can do that via the change request form) and help me spot all the duplicates, allowing me to trim the list down some by removing and/or merging the duplicates.  I also got a bit of a kickback on the idea of adding a "dreams and visions" section, so I'm going to do a little tweaking with that idea and try it from another angle.

What angle is that?  Well, it involves an already existing feature for modern prophecies, which is where the whole dreams and visions thing really fits.  We all know that bible prophecy has a 100% guarantee of being fulfilled.  So it's not an *IF* but a "WHEN*.  Now modern prophecies on the other hand don't have that guarantee.  There's also sometimes issues with the sources of the prophecies.  IE, good sounding prophecy, but issued by a known false teacher.  That sorta thing.  Well, when I originally envisioned the "Sources" section, I thought of it as just basically a "name" and "homepage" type listing.  But in hindsight I'm almost regretting that unfortunate vision.

Why?  Well, the way it's setup right now, the prophecy sources link section, I mean, it's the perfect answer to the need for a dreams and visions section.  How would this answer my need?  Think about it.  What better use would there be for the sources section than links over to the pages where the individuals listed in that section publicly gave those dreams and visions?  BOOM!  Two problems solved in one swipe and no need for a major change on the site.  Pretty sweet, no? :D  So what do I do about dreams and visions that aren't online, as I know a number aren't?  Well, I haven't totally figured that one out yet.  So if you want to toss your 2c in, by all means please do.

I was thinking about creating a blog like section that could be used for that, but since the number of entries that would required it would be so limited, it didn't think it was worth the effort to create it.  However, as I work on the sources section and get it updated with the new way of doing things that may change as I could find enough to justify such a section.  But if not, and someone wants to be the individual who handles those entries for me, I'd be happy to accept your help. :)  Anyhow, that's all I have to say right now.  Oh, and one other thing,  It's not done yet as I'm still trying to figure out how to do it, but I have a better way for logging and entering change suggestions on the site coming soon.  I'll let everyone know once I get that sorted out and figure out how I want to approach this.

And as always,
Your Brother in Christ,
Steven Lake
Site Admin

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