A call for help again (UPDATED!)
Wednesday, March 8th, 2023 1:15pm

EDIT: haha!  Whoever of you prayed for my schedule to ease up, thank you, because it cleared up a day or two after I posted this, and is still improving. :)  So I'm doing better now.  But still, please keep watching for new stuff to show up as always. ^_^

Hi everyone!  As always, thank you to everyone who helps out on the site.  Given how hectic my life is, all of you are a huge blessing.  That being said, for about the next month or so, at least at this point, from what I can see in the near future, my life is about to get even busier than before.  So, that's going to mean less time for a while to work on the site.  It's only temporary, thankfully, and should settle out in early April.  But, until then it's going to be kinda pedal to the metal for me.  If you guys want to help out by sending me proofs, prophecies, etc, that'd be greatly appreciated. 

Also, if any of you have time, and you feel inclined to do this, pick a prophecy or two, modern or biblical, and pick through it and see if you find any issues with it.  Ie, something is pending that should be in progress, fulfilled, etc, maybe a typo somewhere, a parent prophecy summary that hasn't been updated to reflect newer entries, etc.  And I'm not asking you guys to go through everything.  I mean, yikes, there's 154 bible prophecies, 210 modern parent prophecies, and 1372 sources listed on the site.

I mean, that's a LOT of data to go through, and I know that.  That's part of why I'm asking for help again, as many hands make light work, and also saying you don't need to do everything.  I really should have a team of people who can help me with this.  But, for now, God hasn't blessed me with anything like that.  Maybe in time, but not right away.  That's why I rely on you guys to help me out, and help me spot things I might miss in my daily upkeep of the site.  Anyhow, just report things as you see them, and I'll get them updated as I have time. 

Also, if you want to be a regular helper, and don't mind collaborating over Discord, please let me know.  I'd love to build a team of regulars who can help me keep things up to date, and correct, as the site continues to grow.  :)

Your Brother in Christ,
Steven Lake
Chief (and currently only) Admin :)

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Amos 3:7
Surely the Lord God will do nothing, but he revealeth
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