2015 Prophetic Poem Update
Friday, April 15th, 2016 4:53pm

I thought it wouldn't hurt to do a little update on last year's prophetic poem that was posted on z3news and several other locations.  It is reported to tell what will come this year and next.  Unlike the prophecy posted on Charisma Magazine last year that went absolutely nowhere, and by my best estimation is almost certain to not happen anytime soon, if at all, this prophetic poem seems to have some feet under it.  Note, I said *some*.  Given that it's extrabiblical and the one forwarding the poem to us has yet to be validated as a concrete source of reliable prophecy, I'm still taking this with a huge grain of salt.  Anyhow, below I will include my analysis of the current status of this prophetic poem and where I see it standing in the broader scheme of things.

"At the very end of 2015,  And the year of ten plus six, That wicked old Satan,  Will be up to evil tricks."

Okay, first off, the initial paragraph of this poem is very ambiguous.  So I'm not sure what to think.  Clearly we know that Satan is up to his same old tricks as before.  So beyond the obvious reply of "Well, duh," I'm not sure what else to say here.

"December through February, Winter finds itself here, A sudden event will strike, And many will be in fear."

This paragraph is interesting in the fact that, in general, there was no major event that caused many to be in fear, save one thing.  Namely, the death of Justice Scalia.  This did indeed make a lot of people justifiably scared.  But the idea of this causing "many" to be in fear, eh, that's debatable.  So this could be considered fulfilled, but it's on generally shaky ground with me.

"Know then My judgment, Has come upon this land, God reigns supreme, And deals with a heavy hand."

Again, another part of the poem that wins the "Well, duh" award for being overly obvious.  Now that's not a knock against God, nor is it meant to be, but rather against the prophecy giver at this point as I still can't be certain this is a 100% God prophecy and not just something he either made up, or that came from last night's supper.  Yes, I'm very skeptical about the authenticity of this poem at this point.  Mostly because there's far more fakes and cranks out there trying to get people off course than there are legit prophets or prophecy receivers/givers.  So I'm taking all of this with a massive dose of salt until proven otherwise, at which point I will recant my skepticism.  Until then I intend to be very circumspect with this prophecy.

"From March until June,  The spring season shall arrive,  There will be many people,  Found not to be alive."

Now this part of the poem finally starts getting a bit meaty.  Also, a thing to note.  While the poem is purported to be focused exclusively on America, the ambiguity seems to allow for events to extend beyond this nation.  Even if they don't, at this point there's nothing which has happened that has caused a large death count.  Then again, that in turn begs two big questions.  1)  What is the definition of "many" in this context,  and 2) is it cumulative or a single event?  I ask that because the amount of people who die in this nation each year is about 2.6 million.  That's about 216k people per month nationally.

That'd definitely qualify under the "many" category.  However, that's nothing special as it's a regular, annual thing.  And of course, let's not forget all the babies dying each year from abortions which comes to another approximately 1.21 million annually.  So with that in mind, this statement becomes hyper ambiguous at best.  Now, is this talking about those who die of special reasons (ie, terrorist attack for example) and are spoken of in the news that are outside the norm, or is this something else?  See where I'm going with this?  Lots of ambiguity in this prophetic poem so far, thus why I'm taking it with a large grain of salt at this point.

"During this same season, Another checkpoint will originate, Then another crushing blow, Will seal this nation’s fate."

Um, yeah.  Hello again from the ambiguity train.  All aboard!  Now, are you starting to see what I mean?  These so called "prophecies" in this poem are so seriously ambiguous that it makes them laughable at best.  That's one thing that true prophecy isn't.  Admittedly when a real God prophecy is given they're not ambiguous.  They may not contain a lot of details sometimes, but they're never left in such a state that their fulfillment can't be clearly determined.  This poem on the other hand?  Um, yeah.

"During these two seasons, The economy will decline, Look to Me My people, I say, ‘Your souls are mine.’"

The economy will decline?  Um, anyone following the markets could already see that coming.  In fact, calling something like this last year would have been easy too.  The second half of this reads like scripture, so I'm not going to comment on that as there's no need to.  The only thing I can say is that, should this turn out to be fake, it was a well placed attempt to give validity to this "prophecy".

"For war will be inevitable,  It will not go away, I implore My holy people, Stay on your knees and pray."

This one I'll say is pretty much the same as the other one.  The first part was obvious and inevitable long before December of last year.  The second part is again, assuming that this is a fake prophecy, another attempt at authenticity.  And like I said before, I can't be 100% certain it is fake, but up to this point there's a lot more questions being raised than answers given, and the poem stands on very shaky ground.

"The dog days of summer,  Will follow and draw nigh,  Protests will fill the streets, With a far more violent cry."

This is yet another candidate for the obvious train.  Given what Soros and others are doing via BLM and other hate groups which are working to stir up anger, descent and other nasty stuff, as well as the current circus that is this year's presidential election, if there aren't riots, and really bad ones at that, I'll be shocked.

"At the end of the summer, As the season reaches a climax, JADE HELM will come to life again, Surely it will be brought back."

This is another one of those, "Right, and?  We knew this last year" things.  Jade Helm 2016 was already on the books before JH2015 was over.  So yeah, not at all surprising to see this year, but it's not something I would call "prophetic" as in, we didn't know about it before December.  And even if he received this poem way back in January of last year, what's given in the prophecy doesn't count until it's released for public consumption.  Beyond that we don't know when the actual revelation was given, if at all.  Thus why I'm marking all elements of this prophecy from Dec 1st onward.

Anyhow, at this point I'm going to stop as I think I've made my point.  While the rest of this poem is still reportedly in the future, it's already starting out on very shaky ground.  So, feel free to continue following this poem and its reported prophecies.  Just understand that at this point it's not really proved itself even remotely close to being worth much more than trash can folder.  Anyhow, I just thought I'd point that out so that if you were following anything it's been predicting that you wouldn't get your hopes too high.

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