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 Prophecy:   The Shakeup Of The Church

 Name:   Nicholas Anthony DiRobbio

 Source URL:   Unfortunately, no link is available

 Type:   Prophecy  

 Status:    In Progress  

Summary or Prophecy Text
From an Email I Received:

I have come says the Lord to take back my possessions! I will start with my church. MY church not man’s church. MY church, one without walls or structure. My Church, The church of my SON YESHUA! MY CHURCH! Not the one corrupted by man! I shall break the walls of structured worship! Worship designed by ancient men in ancient days to handicap the Holy Spirit in practice. Ancient bondage, destroyed. Restoration of the Apostles, restoration of the gifts.

People will once again, fall under the power of the spirit in worship. Sick people will be healed among many in congregations across America. For America has tainted worship with watering down, the softening of the spirit and the Gospel. To make room for sinner’s mistakes, instead of condemning them.

Do not feed the sick with sickness but instead give them health and freedom from their disease. Why allow the devil to exist among them and continue to wreck havoc among them, when you have the power to set them free. Pastors, stand up and be the shepherds I anointed you to be. Stop pretending to shepherd sheep while leading them to slaughter.

You must acknowledge evil in your lives, in your congregations and call it out! YOU call it out and tell them to LEAVE NOW! LUST! HOMOSEXUALITY! Prostitution! yes…Prostitution of the soul and your flesh! Online! Put your clothes back on says the LORD! For you BODY is sacred, not for others. The devil lies to you about your motives. Confront the sin, says the LORD. Out of your houses! Out of your churches! Out of your schools! Out of your work places. Out of your family!

The spirit moves like a rushing wind, a cleansing and rushing wind. The storms are coming to earth in the natural, a sign of the spiritual, cleansing on both front says the spirit of the Lord. This is the time, the season for righteousness in the Land, for the sinners will fall by the sword which they turned against themselves. The Spirit of the Lord is here, come embrace me because the time and short and I have broken you out of the bondage in your faith.

Break out of “religion” and into the spirit! The ancient church designed by the hand of powerful men will be destroyed and exposed for what it is. Says the spirit of the almighty GOD!
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