Prophecy:   Chicago, Obama, the End of America, and The Tribulation

 Name:   Mena Lee Grebin

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 Type:   Prophecy  

 Status:    Failed  

In her dream, Mena was not a little girl, but was a grown woman. She saw herself waking up and getting ready to go to work while it was still dark outside. As she was ironing a white blouse, she turned on the television. As she was watching the news she saw chaos everywhere including riots, war, murders, and famine. She finished getting ready and left the building. When she went outside, the wind was blowing very hard. The sky was an odd color. It was red.

She looked around and saw chaos all around her. People were running and scurrying along trying to get off the streets like there was something terrible coming or had already happened. She then walked past a row of three news stands lined up next to each other. Each stand had black and white flyers in them, which were getting blown away by the wind and flying down the street. Stacks of these flyers were blowing down the street and getting ripped up by the wind. She went to try to catch them, but she couldn't catch them.

She looked at the stacks to see what was on the flyers. In the first stand the flyers showed pictures of George Washington. In the second stand they showed Abraham Lincoln. In the third stand they showed Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Next to those news stands was a newspaper stand. She saw the newspaper had a headline stating: "America's Freedom is Over"

She picked up the newspaper and saw the headline story was about the President of the United States. There was a photo of him on the front cover, but it appeared as a silhouette so she was not able to see his face, but she knew it was the President. She also knew this President came from Chicago.

She did not understand all of the news story, but she knew it was saying America's freedom had been stripped. As she put the paper down she saw people running past her yelling, "The end is here! The end has come! Run, run for your lives! The end has come!"
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