Prophecy:   Defeat of the US Navy

 Name:   Alexander B. Cuppett

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 Type:   Vision  

 Status:    Pending  

Some days ago my friend was given a Holy Ghost vision of a US Navy Carrier Task Force, consisting of fifteen ships and three subs, being attacked by Chinese (PRC) forces. In the scenario there was a "football-shaped fleet" (see Attach) sailing in formation. There were fourteen surface ships ahead of/or around the flagship, a CVA/CVN. Suddenly the carrier, which was in the center of the formation, was hit on the port side. A huge hole opened and the carrier then "slowed and shuddered to a stop." Before any planes could be launched it rolled 30 degrees to port, casting all aircraft into the ocean. It then rolled to 90 degrees and capsized; all in a matter of a few minutes. (Enemy surface and subsurface elements were also operating.)

At that point the entire formation was struck by missiles, each ship being hit; including "two [SSN] submarines", which were operating submerged on the flanks of the CVA. This included the loss of a "rover", fast attack sub, which was also in the Task Force. Subsequently, enemy aircraft over flew the fleet; therefore it must be ascertained the attacking planes were never detected by the radar screen. The ships were sunk by "air-to-surface" missiles, whereas the subs were sunk with "air-to-subsurface" devices. I suspect the missile which hit CVA had a "nuke tip". I also suspect the recent Sino-Soviet exercises were perfecting their operations plan(s) to attack our WESTPAC units. Be advised the "bait" will be an incident with Taiwan; and the Russians and the North Koreans shall be, in some manner, involved in the scenario.

The entire formation was sunk; not one element/unit surviving. The loss of life was great. Be advised, the gentleman having this vision has absolutely no knowledge of US Navy surface or subsurface operations/tactics; to include convoy screening techniques. Have a great day, sir, as you and the other "Chiefs" are going to need a bunch of them -- soon.
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