Prophecy:   The Shakeup Of The Church

 Name:   Kent Christmas

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 Type:   Prophecy  

 Status:    Fulfilled  

Starting at 0:49s: For the rest of this year, says the Lord, judgment is now loosed out of Heaven in the Earth. And, up until now, there has not been the demonstration of the glory, and the sovereign power of God within my houses, across the Earth,because there is still been the lukewarm that has mixed the atmosphere. But I say unto thee, that now I have loosed a declaration out of Heaven, to the Angel of the Lord, "Remove! Remove! Remove the lukewarm!" Those that have set in rebellion, those that have mocked in their heart, the declarative word that the prophets have released. And all now, says the Lord, on the right hand, and on the left hand, judgment is now coming to the House of the Lord.

This year, 2022, shall be known, says the Lord, as the year of death, and all the righteous will not be touched, says God. But in this hour, I am now removing the hindrances that have set in my sanctuary, says the Lord. And when I AM done, there will only be a pure stream of the glory, and of the anointing of God. Do not intercede, says the Lord, for some that will be removed will be those that you have called friends. But you did not know their hearts, and secretly they stood in opposition to My purpose, in My hand, in the house of the Lord. When I AM done, says God, 2023 will start with the death of world leaders in the United States. And not just in the United State, but in other cities, and other nations, around the world.
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