Prophecy:   The Fall of Many News and Media Personalities

 Name:   Julie Green

 Source URL:   Click to View

 Type:   Prophecy  

 Status:    Fulfilled  

Chris Matthews, you will take a major fall. Exposures are coming for you. You will not survive your fall. You will lose everything you hold dear. Embarrassment and shame are coming to you, and there is no escaping your fate. (FULFILLED)

Chris Wallace, the same goes for you. You are a traitor. You will fall for your treasonous acts against this nation. You sold out for money and power, and you will pay the ultimate price for your part with the children and the 2020 election. You thought you were safe as the globalists were on your side. You chose the wrong side Chris, and you will pay dearly for it. You turned your back on Me and refused to repent. So judgment is about to hit you and strike you down to the ground. Chris, you are finished. (FULFILLED)

Rachel Maddow, you'll be removed from your show never to be hired anywhere in broadcasting again. You chose to lie and cheat the American people out of what they voted for. Through your smug grin, you lied and told them your truth, which are complete lies. You were paid very well for keeping your mouth shut. Well, it's now your time to fall. Your time to be removed. You will be tried for treason, and that will be your end. (FULFILLED)
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