Prophecy:   The Judgment of Iraq

 Name:   Julie Green

 Source URL:   Click to View

 Type:   Prophecy  

 Status:    Pending  

I will judge you in this hour, and everything you have will be taken from you. I will bring you to your knees with nothing left to fight back.

Iraq, the same goes for you. You had your sites on My nations, Israel, and the United States of America. You, too, were paid with blood money, and I, Lord, will rip it from your blood-soaked hands. I will bring your nation to nothing in this hour. Your plans will be destroyed completely Me, saith the Lord. You thought you would silence Israel and the United States, but now you will be silenced. These are the days of Haman.

Admin Note: The first line is only included here for context, but is not part of this prophecy.
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