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Posted On May 19th, 2019
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This prophecy entry serves no other purpose than to collect interesting teachings and proofs that appear to have prophetic significance, but don't presently have a prophecy listing to which they can be attached.  So they're added here on the off chance that they might be needed in the future.  Beyond that you can just ignore this entry as it's for our internal use only.  Well, unless you feel especially curious about what's being listed here. ;)

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The big Pentagon internet mystery now partially solved | Daily Mail Online - Report Link
What Was The Vatican Searching For When They Built Secret Tunnel Under Jerusalem Church?  | ZeroHe... - Report Link
EXCLUSIVE: Delta Airlines and TSA Target & Intimidate a Passenger Without Cause | - Report Link
Business Owner Arrested by Liberal Attorney General for Appearing on Tucker Carlson's Show - America... - Report Link
U.S. Postal Service Overhaul Calls for Higher Prices, Slower Mail and More Packages - WSJ - Report Link
NEW Dead Sea Scrolls Discovered in Israel's Qumran Caves | Watchman Newscast - YouTube - Report Link
Milwaukee Democrat County Circuit Court Judge Arrested, Charged With Possession Of Child Porn - Cons... - Report Link
Israeli experts discover new Dead Sea Scrolls | Fox News - Report Link
All the Companies That Have Halted Political Donations in the Wake of Capitol Riots - Report Link
Apparent Radical Leftist Attack on Gas Lines in Colorado, Leaving Thousands Without Heat - Report Link
Roger Stone announces $25M lawsuit against DOJ - Report Link
Christians Protest Election With Jericho March - Report Link
Ban on anonymous shell companies in U.S. clears Senate - The Washington Post - Report Link
Radioactive material goes missing from truck in Malaysia prompting fears of militants building a dir... - Report Link
Report: Iran says nuclear material stolen, could yield 'dirty bomb' - The Jerusalem Post - Report Link
A New Theory On Time Indicates Present And Future Exist Simultaneously - SciencePhiles - Report Link

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