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Posted On May 19th, 2019
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This prophecy entry serves no other purpose than to collect interesting teachings and proofs that appear to have prophetic significance, but don't presently have a prophecy listing to which they can be attached.  So they're added here on the off chance that they might be needed in the future.  Beyond that you can just ignore this entry as it's for our internal use only.  Well, unless you feel especially curious about what's being listed here. ;)

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Marty Breeden: "THEY WILL NOT KNOW WHAT HIT THEM!" - Report Link
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Nephilim - Wikipedia - Report Link
Understanding the Nephilim and their Role in Bible Prophecy - Escape All These Things (Luke 21:36) - Report Link
Editing The DNA In Human Sperm With CRISPR Is Goal Of New York Lab : Shots - Health News : NPR - Report Link
Prophetic Visions: 'Out of the Destruction Will Come Revival' - Report Link
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Update On Oroville and the Surrounding Lakes/Oroville Dam Concrete is Spalling!!! Get Out Now!! May ... - Report Link
Free The Students. Sink The Colleges - Report Link
Holders of Old Chinese Debt Hope Trade War Means Huge Payday - Bloomberg - Report Link
Viewer: Bible only thing not destroyed in shed fire in Murray County Thursday | WTVC - Report Link
'I Now Cast out all Spirits of Darkness': Congressional Chaplain Launches Spiritual Warfar... - Report Link
'It just really ethically scares me': Caution urged as scientists look to create human-mon... - Report Link
Cuomo Is TICKED After County Clerks In New York Refuse To Issue Driver's Licenses To Illegal Im... - Report Link
'I Wouldn't Be Alive Without Him': Hiker Missing for 6 Days Praises Jesus After Longs... - Report Link

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