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Gas below a doller, and the judgment of Opec Print
Posted On April 22nd, 2020
  Status:    Fullfilled 

The basic summary of this prophecy is that Opec is about to be judged severely by God, and possibly even removed from existence (the latter is only a guess as the text of the prophecy isn't clear on that part), and as a result, gas prices at the pump will drop below a dollar a gallon.  This has recently been fulfilled in kind of an odd way.  First off, not only has gas gone below a dollar in quite a few places, but Oil futures even dripped to an all time low, never before seen in history, level of -$40 a gallon.  Yes, negative $40!  Sure, it didn't last long, but it did reach that point and hovered there briefly.  That means the oil companies were having to pay purchasers $40 a barrel to take their oil, instead of purchasers paying them.  Yes, it rebounded to $14 after a couple days of trading, but still, oil went below zero, and gas went below a dollar, marking this prophecy as fulfilled.  Admittedly, gas prices aren't sub-$1 everywhere.  However, the prophecy never said that had to happen.  It only needed to happen in one place to be fulfilled.  The fact that it's happening in so many different places just adds more weight to this.

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Last Updated: Wednesday, April 22nd, 2020 at 8:43pm
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